Thursday, June 25, 2009


Drops of perspiration adorned her brow
She kept running fast behind the rainbow

Her steps faltered and sight blinded
By the multitude of colours that shimmered

She stretched out her hands to touch it
But it disappeared leaving behind nothing but mist

She stood there looking at the sky
And at the giant banyan tree with its branch rising high

Far away she heard the song of some unknown bird
Soulfully beckoning a mate and longing to be cared

She stood mesmerized then turned around
And walked, back to her home, her child, sleeping sound

She looked at her and again found the rainbow
This time on her little daughters serene white brow

right from my heart ..


  1. simply mesmerising rekha. all colours in a mother's life is indeed her children. u have put it so beautifully

  2. beautifully written lady..usually people write poems..i dont understand head or tail, but u put things in perspective in simple great words..they inspire..feels like writing now!!