Thursday, July 9, 2009

Long lost friendship..

It’s over ten years since I have met you. But I have never forgotten you, your name comes up in my thought often, when I was blessed with my first baby I wished I could meet you, how you would react seeing your crazy friend in her maternity clothes nursing a sweet little baby with care and poise, I remembered how I used to insist to you that I would deliver a baby only if you becomes my Gynae.

I missed you all the time when I spent years without having a single soul in the name of friend, I was going through a very bad phase in life and needed to blurt out everything so badly, so many time my hands reached for the inland letter which we used to exchange over 5 years when I was pursuing my graduation, then Diploma and went on to work and meanwhile you were slogging hard to complete your MBBS course and finally got the title of ‘Dr. ‘ prefixed to your name.

I missed you whenever I saw two girls giggling away on a bus, on the street or just roaming around the market… I missed all our nights together which we used to spend mostly at your place when u used to visit Delhi in between your MBBS , how we used to keep awake all night whispering , laughing and generally gossiping about friends, relatives, neighbours etc. I feel so sad, and a pain goes through my heart when I feel what I have lost just because of a misunderstanding, which I thought would never ever occur between you and me… but it happened…

I had the hope of nurturing our friendship back to what it was when you finally turned up on my marriage, though I had thought you would not, but your displeasure and disinterest was obvious and apparent by the way you had dressed in gray , drab clothing you had worn to my marriage and whereas we had always planned to look the best on each other’s marriage .. you hardly smiled but I as usual yapped away to you.. you did not respond… and that was the last day we met.

Its been 10 years since my marriage, after two kids and lots of hardships in life, lots of maturity gained in the process but I lost the very very important thing in my life and that is my friendship to you. Till today I have kept a tab on you knowingly or unknowingly.. I blessed you in my heart when I heard about your marriage to the same guy about whom you and I have discussed day in and day out … I was so emotional when I came to know you were blessed with a daughter… many times I thought of calling you up.. writing to you. But then I had no contact.. even your mother stopped calling up my mother…t he after effect of our broken friendship…

Dearest friend wherever you are I wish you all the very best in life .. today .. tomorrow and always……..


  1. dear rekha! u made me mistyeyed by this post. how i wish and hope ur friend wud read this and rush to ur side or atleast contact u. hats off to "the friend" in u rekha! long live true friendship. posts or notes on friendship always bring tears to my eyes, as i start thinking of all my dear beloved friends from the school days to the present----along list i have indeed!!!!!!!! friends are indeed angels GOD sends to us as He cannot be with us always

  2. Rekha,I'm all choked up with emotions after reading this post.
    Whatever may have that happened between you and your friend its quite evident that she still means a lot to you and you love her very much.

    I hope and pray she is back in your life soon. For the kind of person you are you deserve all the goodness in life.

    You dont have her mailing id?

  3. Rekha, I read it and I did not have to re-read or think about it. Why because I'm going through similar pain. I have lost in touch with one of my very very close friends and that too because of an unwanted misunderstanding.

    But yeah, life moves on and we should do the same, right ?

    Don't feel sad !

  4. Oh gosh! I can feel your pain through the post! Sometimes things happen to help us grow and learn. Relationships are the the biggest source of joy and stress and it is an art to juggle them. I am reading this almost 2 years after you wrote it, I hope you feel stronger today.

  5. Hi,mustardeed, things are the same even now, I made a great effort to bring things back to normal, found out her number with great difficulty and even spoke but the response was so cold and remote that it just shattered me once more, no infact, a thousand times more... well.. some wounds never heal..