Friday, August 21, 2009

My daily dose of Ordeal

I face a mammoth task daily, that of commuting from my home to office and coming back to home in the evenings…you may think .. how is it a mammoth task ? Okay let me tell you … this daily commuting form home to work and back.. it inevitably saps all my energy in the morning and leaves me dead tired in the evenings. It is my daily dose of ordeal… the huge traffic jams..thanks to innumerable projects of construction of flyover, grade separators, underpass etc etc.. which has to be completed before Commonwealth games in 2010.. this has given way to unending lines of vehicles.. honking incessantly… uncaring pedestrians ignoring the green light and walking away merrily in midst of blaring horns and angry abuses. Struck at one place in the traffic not moving even an inch for as long as half an hour.

After all this chaos on road, by the time I reach home around 8.30 / 8.45 pm or sometimes even at 9.30 p.m ( I leave office at 6.00 p.m sharp) all thanks to atleast one outdated , ill maintained DTC bus which would have broke down on a busy road right in the middle of the traffic. Now the whole thing takes away precious two and half hours from my daily life.. I am left to reach my mothers house at this hour, pick up my children , who are so happy to see their mother who sees off one of them at 6.20 am in the morning and the other at 7.30 am., they jump and squeal and hug me all over showing their love but me.. what do I give in return.. at the most a feeble smile or an angry yell .. I pick them up hurriedly.. mumble some niceties to my mother and scurry back to my house.

On reaching my house I plonk myself on the sofa.. my school going child brings in her home work, her revision for Unit test, her arts and craft assignment…poor thing tries to do the maximum work before I come in with the help of my mother but still she has something or the other to be supervised by me. My little one climbs on to my lap.. wanting to hug me and get her rightful dose of breast feed from her mother. Another hour goes in this.. then I lift my self up wearily … all the while yelling or yanking at my elder one.. do this.. study this.. write this… and then off to the kitchen.. By Gods grace I have a life partner who helps me out a lot in my household work… also in the kitchen .. inspite of this I am always left irritable… angry and generally unhappy with life due to this daily ordeal.

This Delhi traffic jams are taking the life out of me and many other ladies like me who have to get back home on time, lookafter their children, their studies.. cook food.. prepare things for the next morning etc. I wish I had some magic wand and had some miraculous time management tricks to erase this problem out from my life forever.

I know many of you must have never seen a traffic jam.. never heard of 2 and half hours commuting time from workplace to home when actually the distance can be covered in 45 minutes if the traffic is normal. Well guys.. such things happen with us lesser mortals who have to travel in public transport in the National Capital of India… no such luck as chauffer driven car (as if it would escape this maddening traffice)and two maids waiting for instructions over phone to cater to my orders… as u can see this is the life of a very ordinary woman in an ordinary world…right her in our own capital city of India.

Monday, August 10, 2009

This is my first ever tag on blogosphere. I picked this up from Deepti's blog...

- Available: Always for my family and friends
- Age: Please don’t ask…!!!
- Annoyance: Unpunctual late lateefs
- Animal: Like them in zoos and forests
- Beer: Yup !
- Birthplace: Delhi
- Body Part on opposite sex: Eyes
- Best feeling in the world: Seeing the happiness on my children's face
- Blind or Deaf: Neither
- Best weather: October – November in Delhi neither very hot nor very cold.. pleasant
- Been in Love: Yes
- Been on stage: Yes
- Believe in yourself: Most of the times yes..
- Believe in life on other planets: Yes
- Believe in miracles: Yes.. absolutely
- Believe in Magic: Yes !
- Believe in God: 200%
- Car: Audi.. Skoda.. this is my wishlist
- Candy: Does not have a sweet tooth
- Color: White and black.
- Cried in school: Yes.. many times
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla
- Country to visit: Switzerland
- Day or Night: Night
- Danced: in parties .. with friends… at home with my kids
- Dance in the rain: YES
- Eggs: NO.. I am allergic to it
- Eyes: Most expressive part of the face
- Everyone has: the right to live , and should let live
- First crush: Got married to him !
- First thoughts waking up: “ So much to do… so little time”
- Food: Chicken Biryani, Parotta irachi, Malayali sadya, chinese food !
- Greatest Fear: Living without my family
- Giver or taker: Both
- Goals: To be a good parent to my children, to be a good daughter to my parents.. and to be a good wife…trying too hard eh??
- Get along with your parent(s): Yes.
- Hair Colour: Dark brown
- Height: 5ft2in
- Happy: with my husband and kids
- How do you want to die: in my sleep!
- Health freak: Trying to be one..
- Hate: when someone breaks my trust or considers me non trust worthy
- Ice Cream: Butterscotch
- Instrument: Tried learing sitar… did not succeed
- Jewelry: rings
- Job: Yes..
- Kids: are my life
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate
- Keep a journal: No.. only journal is my blog
- Love: most important possession
- Laughed so hard you cried: Yes
- Love at first sight: Yes
- Mooned anyone: No
- Marriage: It’s the best thing that happened to me.. it made me mature… learn about life… and learnt to be patient and to be loving..
- Motion sickness: NO
- Number of Siblings: 1
- Number of Piercings: 2
- One wish: That all those who were near and dear to me are back in life once again.with same old trust and happiness
- Place you’d like to live: Delhi… always…
- Perfect Pizza: any pizza
- Pepsi/Coke: Any
- Questionnaires: Most of the time interesting
- Reason to cry: It has to be something really.. serious
- Reality T.V: A BIG NO
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes
- Song: Akhiyo ke jharoke se..
- Shoe size: Never bothered to check
- Slept outside: Yes
- Seen a dead body: Yes
- Smoked: Yes
- Shower daily?: Yes
- Sing well:No
- In the shower?: ?????
- Swear:No
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries
- Scientists need to invent: How to get uninterrupted electricity in our part of the world
- Time for bed: 11PM
- Thunderstorms: Love them
- TV: Balika badhu
- Touch your tongue to your nose: No
- Unpredictable: Not really
- Vegetable you hate: None
- Vegetable you love: karela, ladys finger, brinjal , well almost all
- Vacation spot: have to visit a few
- Weakness: my children , my family
- When you grow up: Already grown now getting old
- Worst feeling: when I am not able to help my children or my husband or parents or friends when they are not well
- Wanted to be a model: No
- Where do we go when we die : No idea !!
- Worst weather: Summer all the way
-X-Rays: spooky !!!
-Year it is now: 2009
- Yellow: Denotes happiness to me
- Zoo animals: makes me sad
- Zodiac sign: VIRGO
This is my first tag.. and I did it in one go .. yipppiee!!!

Any one who reads this may pick this tag up..

Friday, August 7, 2009

A walk down the memory lane

During my childhood days I used to roam around the big area at the back and the front of our house in Kerala, this area is known as ‘aiyyam’. Everyone else at the house used to be in their afternoon siesta at that time, which was the time when I used to smell the roses, weed out the plants and run after happy yellow butterflies and sit on the rock on which my grand mother used to wash clothes. I can still feel those times as if I have been freezed there, I can still smell the jasmine flowers which were strewn on the mud and still see the orange coloured coconuts (karikk) hanging in bunches from small coconut trees.

I was always fascinated by the parrots who had made their nest atop of a coconut tree which had a burnt top and was not growing any more and had become a hollow wood, I used to spot a bird daily, this bird had red rimmed eyes, yellowish brown and dark brown wings, it was called as ‘uppan’ in our area. The knocking of the wood pecker on to the tusk of the coconut trees and the multi coloured hens taking short flights and nitpicking the mud for the worms was followed by little chicks hovering around her.

I used to stand a feet away from the pineapple bush and try to peep in and see the fruit which was yet to ripen. When I used to finish doing all these things then it was my turn to sit on the entrance steps to the house or sometimes on the ‘poomukham’ and watch the workers working on the paddy field right in front of the house, the only distractions, a thrilling and exciting one at that for me, was the sight and sound of the zooming long trains which passed on from the railway line which lay across the paddy field. Seeing the train made me sad and happy at the same time because it made me yearn for my parents away in Delhi and happy because I knew one day I would be sitting in one of those and would be going to Delhi for ever.

Right across the railway tracks were two huge trees which jutted out from a mini forest or ‘kaavu’ as we call it in Kerala, the shape of these trees resembled that of two monkeys who were staring at our house from across the railway line. By the time my roaming around and day dreaming was over , my grandma used to call me in to have the afternoon snack with a glass of milky chai. The late evenings and nights also that I spent at that beautiful place are still afresh in my memory, the evening time had my grandma or one of my aunts lighting the evening lamp in the pooja room and keeping it on the ‘poomukham’ (front elevated verandah) and all of us used to sit together and do the ‘namam choll’ (prayers).

After the namam it was time to study, I used to study in an ‘aashan pallikkudam’ (small school manned by one master) where the aashan or the master made us write our Malayalam alphabets on the mud with our forefinger, it has so much effect on the brain ,I tell u, till now those alphabets and the feel of it on the mud are etched in my brain, no amount of writing on the slate or a note book or typing on a computer could ever ever take over that feeling. So, as I said it was study time, and me and my aunts, who were also students at that time, used to plonk ourselves on to the poomukham with a lantern in the middle, this was so because our house had no electricity at that time. When I look back now it seems like a magical experience, the light emanating from the lantern, and the sound of frogs croaking away on the paddy fields, the chirping of cricket among the bushes. We never heard the sound of any vehicle ever, except for the bell of a cycle. The darkness was pitch dark with tiny light from the glow worms flying along in the distant, amidst the jasmine tree or the well which stood by the banana tree.

Just writing down the above lines were total bliss for me, I was transcended to the past, to the place where my heart still belongs to, to those loved ones who were my solace and my strength and were the first familiar faces of love to me.