Monday, October 26, 2009

Disorderly pulse !!!

I am really sorry here that I am going against a rule set by myself that I would not talk about my worklife here, but what to do??? certain things are forcing me to rant full force on my ‘ privilege page ‘ (my blog). So beware of full on rant before anyone ventures out to read it.

On Friday we moved to our new 100 crore , sprawling 9 floor tower ,newly set up and build by our own Engineers in the NCR region. When the tower was inaugurated I felt more proud than my Chairman himself because when I joined this company it had 80 odd people and a small , rented office with a capacity to seat that many people only. Slowly but steadily things started moving, then the slow pace was left behind , much behind and we were on a roller coaster ride , purely upwards on a growth so vigorous that we were there almost on all the floors of the 12 storied commercial building in a short while. Sorry I digress, this was not the growth story of my Company, this was a rant, err. is a rant.

From the day I shifted to our new tower on to our floor , to our cabinet, I was really really hurt and aghast the way people were ready with a sting and a bite to complain about everything they could lay their eyes on. Honestly , I did not find more than a couple of people who had praise or as much any appreciation for the design, or the seating or the facilities provided by the Company. I could see employees having at least one negative feedback for even the best of facility provided.

I am not saying that employees should not complain or give their feedback, but atleast a word of appreciation for the mammoth effort put in by the people involved in the project, the heart and dreams of a big man who is instrumental in providing such facilities to his employees are all so comfortably put behind them that they do not even bother to utter a single positive word. At home when we make do with one fan and a cooler or may be one AC in one bedroom only (applicable to normal middle class working people), but when in the office the AC functioning has some hiccups to start functioning, they crib, even in this month of October when there is already a nip in the air. When conveyance is provided from their doorstep till the office, it is not all that comfy for them because now they have to board the bus half an hour earlier than their usual routine, but they forget about the jostle and push they used to suffer in a chartered bus or a blue line earlier. That the lift is too slow !!, till yesterday they were competing with people of 12 floors in a commercial building and waiting at each floor for at least 5 minutes to get to their particular floor, sigh !!

I can go on and on about the complaints, some complaints can be considered as feedback on which the management can work and streamline things further, but most of them are thoughts which are unreasonable, not thought over, the only basis or yardstick for such thoughts are only their own notions of ‘comfort’ and ‘luxury’..

If you guys are thinking what I am thinking.. then no please .. I am not in the Administration department and nor am I the Engineer who designed the building. But , yes , I sit at a place which is known as the pulse of the organization and I was really disappointed and disturbed at the disorderly pulse of our employees…

Yeah.. one more information which I can recall for trying to calm my agitating mind is that one of our employees had a complaint after returning from an ‘all expenses paid by the Company family holiday, travel to Delhi –Goa –Delhi by Kingfisher flight , and boarding at cottages in Taj hotel, Goa’ —and it was like this "The hospitality of Taj was not Good"---- now that was the icing on the cake isn’t it ????

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was walking barefoot along the river,
Pebbles criss crossed my path.
The river was a colour of light milky tea,
The grass on the river bank was damp.
I sat on the damp grass looking at a lone boat,
Silhouetted against the moonlight
It stirred in me the desire to slowly drown myself,
Into the cold caressing water,
the depth of the river sent ripples of fear in me.
I slowly stood up and smelled the lilies blooming near
Clutching on to myself I walked back,
To the wooden desk with a candle lit,
My hands intertwined, moonlight crept in and
I prayed
For letting me feel the pebbles under my feet,
For the damp grass and the moonlight,
For the cold and inviting water,
For four little hands and a strong shoulder
For my whole life and for whom I strive
I prayed
With teary eyes full of faith and gratitude