Tuesday, March 8, 2011

straight from a daughter's heart

Some warm homes resonate with laughter
Warmed by a mothers care
And awakened by peals of a daughters laughter
Some homes remain dry
In anticipation of a son
Ignoring a daughter and her worth
They spend their years waiting
Talking, planning and hoarding sympathies
Looking yonder while ignoring the treasure on lap
The mother too weighed down by tradition,
Expectation and her own worth at stake
Mulls away her time waiting for the hour to arrive,
When a male child would adorn her crown
And make her life worthwhile

Is it you or me or all of them
Who have made this thorny way
Ignoring the steely determination of so many mothers
So many wives and so many sisters
Who provide for their children, their husband and their brother
So many daughters flocking to their parents in old age
Providing for them, loving them and being with them

Every day you are eve teased,
Sometimes raped, sometimes murdered
Put in a bag or pushed from a train
Hungry eyes tear you apart
Lonely nights lurking in pain
but still the next day
you wake up to life and brave the rain

Let us shed the tradition
Toss away the indecision
Let us be ourselves
Pursue our passion
Love our sons, and our daughters
Our brothers, and our sisters
And hug our mother and tell her
It’s okay not having a son,
Laugh and forget your pain
I am there, I am your daughter , I am your son
I shall be there with you in shade and sun
All through the valleys and the gorges
I shall hold your hand
And I shall fight my own battles
With my will power
My education
My self respect and my love for you
And above all your love for me..