Sunday, December 25, 2011

No resolutions – only a prayer…..

Life has strange ways of telling you things, teaching you lessons. When going through such lessons of life, the time seems to stretch beyond the horizon, never ending, everything else looks so normal and everyday that sometimes I wonder at the normalcy of things, such times looms large in front of the eyes and seems to never fade away. However, life has to go on, because you have to come above the bruises and harsh lessons and learn to let go and continue with life because that is what you need to do as per the need of the hour.

The last couple of years which went by, taught lessons after lessons, like , to learn to cope with loneliness, to learn to know that at the end you are your only best friend, you need to understand yourself better, you need to respect yourself and you need to justify your presence in this world, this year has taught me to mellow down drastically, to brace myself to make peace with situations, to try hard to rise above theory and to be practical, to try and force myself to change and at the same time to struggle to be myself..

So this year has no resolutions from my side only a prayer to the Lord Almighty to give strength to go through the tests of time….and to bestow peace and good health on my loved ones.........

Wishing a very Happy and peaceful New Year to all of you….