Thursday, November 22, 2012

Somersaults of a monkey mind

Isn’t it absolutely amazing the way our mind jumps from one thought to another in a matter of seconds. To keep the mind focused is the biggest challenge, I have been trying for the past couple of days, unsuccessfully though, to practise meditation. The moment I sit down on my mat in the early morning, with nothing but calm and peace around me to practise meditation, my mind starts jumping like an accomplished high jumper, a thorough gymnast and an effortless dancer, seriously, it is as if my mind is deliberately doing it, it is teasing me and mocking me or even challenging me to make it sit quietly and peacefully even for a minute. My mind opens up a myriad topics, some of which has never crossed my mind for so long, I tried chanting, I tried visualizing , affirmative thoughts but alas! Nothing, nothing seems to work.

1) When faced with such dilemma I turned to Google baba who directed me to various articles on   meditation

2) I read lots and lots on meditation and its positive effects

3) I imagined myself with a halo around my head (at least this will encourage my mind to behave !!)

4) I tried to go through each part of my body starting with my legs, imagining a positive energy travelling through it, but midway, by the time I reach the calves, I am thinking about how I have not baked a cake since long

5) I tried to see images on the wall on which I can concentrate, but all I see is what should I wear for office today ! heck!

I know many of my fellow bloggers and readers are really exceptional people with so much of knowledge, please give your expert opinion, your advise and help me achieve my goal, that is how to meditate successfully at least for five minutes to begin with… you might think that I am not serious about this, but believe me I am.. I am .. I really want to meditate and calm my mind and channelize my thoughts and energy into positivity in life… …only I am not able to control the somersaults of my monkey mind…

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