Wednesday, February 13, 2013

wet woes

The blood is not thicker than tears,

Tears that refuse to flow

Confused and desperate

Not finding a release

Not able to contain the saltiness

Not finding a shoulder

Not finding enough paper

To scribble on the wet woes

Not finding a soul

No hand on hands

No love , no blessings to count on

No comfort to hang on to

Looking for an opportunity to flow

But not able to let go

Feeling breathless, clueless

But knowing all the while

Blood is not thicker than the tears

The sad , lonely tears…..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No change !!

It's been over a month since I last posted here, but my mind is still with that last post, everything around me reminds me every day about the incident. I know the crowds are frequenting Jantar Mantar only once in a while, the hue and cry has died down, but nothing else has changed, I mean, no change, absolutely no change in the eyes that rape you every day, the meanness, the cruelty, the disregard, the insult that these unending eyes unleash on you everyday is seen to be believed. Delhi , my dear Delhi, what  has happened to you, where you always like this?? yes , I think so, I remember some childhood incidents which tells me so, where people did not give any concession to a child but tried to take advantage that the child is female, some unfortunate incident in my close vicinity and the way people dealt with it, people, educated, well educated, well cultured reacting to it really really made me think that it is a herculean task to change our society, it has been trained over the years, moulded over centuries to treat women as objects of desire, I think I am putting it rather decently here, any woman who goes out to work has a questionable character ??? any men who is a good performer at his workplace can always have the benefit of doubt from that sexual harrassment charges that has been put up against him, but the person who complaints, the girl in question can always be brought under the lense of morality and check and recheck ten times whether she has a good moral character ???????

What are we coming to ?? I have written here in my blog many times, once again I am writing , are we coming dangerously close to a time when mothers of daughtes, out of distress, would start killing their own daughters, just to save them from the cruel hands of some rapist, some psycho, some regular guy who thinks molesting a girl is another game he is playing on smartphone and no regrets what so ever ???

It's a totally frustrating situation which is unfolding in our Country, the generation of youngsters today, and even the middle aged, they  are just not bothered about law, they beat up police men, they molest and rape girls as if it is the most natural thing and with out the slightest traces of remorse !!!  even the smallest of boys, just sprouting moustache can be seen ogling , surely on their way to some serious cases in future, how easily they imbibe the worst tendencies of their seniors in society...

Would things ever  change ????