Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wrap up 2013

New Year 2014 Blessings Wallpaper
Picture Courtesy : Internet
 It has become a tradition of sorts with all of us bloggers to have that one last post of the year.  The post which would wrap up the whole year in just a few lines, a few paragraphs and then the whole anticipation for the New year about to come. 

Well, for me I think this year just flew by, really, I have not come across a year more lightning fast than 2013, the year started on a very low note for me , when my husband took ill in the first month of the year, it was such a downer, with worry and anxiety and lots of stress, but then by God’s grace things were back on track.

This year proved and sealed what I had been trying to deny ever since I started reading ‘Linda Goodmans’, I am sure all of us had read it once in our teen years/ college years and then always played the guessing game, 'you seem like a Capri', 'you must be a Leo' and all that.  Since the time I read it I always knew that I am not a typical virgo, I totally disagreed because I was not at all a cleanliness freak ‘ever’, I never worried about anything and I was never the ‘shy’ type, well…well it seems finally this year proved to me that I am a virgo after all, so what if I fall in the cusp, but I am a true ‘WORRIER’, I noticed that I always have something or the other up my sleeve to worry about , and I also learned that I might not be a cleanliness freak  but that line of dust on the verandah sill definitely gets me all worked up.

This year also made me realize once again that I am a nagging mother and wife, I know it , I hate it , but I can’t help it, the coming year would witness me turning another decade in my life – so would I be able to change ?, but I swear I try very hard not to nag my children to study or to wear their socks, or not to drink cold water straight from fridge but habit takes over and I end up doing it.. yes ..yes.. I always end up nagging… and I sound so irritating to my self… bah!

So you can see there are so many things I can have a resolution on this New Year, but I am not going to make any, because it all goes for a toss, it is like that ‘calory’ thing, you know it , you don’t want to have it but then ultimately what happens?? Yes . you know the answer… so No resolutions.. not even to have that tongue on leash, because believe me I have become too tongue tied now, I could not believe myself at certain point of time this year , when I actually did not speak or react at all and kept my mouth shut.. vow.. that was an achievement… I plan to carry that forward to next year, may be I would write a lot and talk less.

Ya.. I know all the above might sound like lot of ‘yapp yapp yap yakkity yak’ and contradictory , may be, but believe me it comes straight from my heart.. this year was a mixed bag, I learned to cry without tears, I learned to keep quiet when I had so much to talk, I learned to let go though it hurt me so much ..but it was a triumph with out any feeling of a triumph whatsoever….

On that confusing note… All my dear friends may God Almighty bless all of you with his choicest blessings in the coming year, wishing you all a Very, Very Happy, Safe, Prosperous and Peaceful New year.

Waiting to unwrap 2014 with great hopes and greater optimism… Take care and God bless !!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tagged !!

Yeah... I know its been too long since I came here.. so here I am back with a Tag... thank you Seema (Horizon) for the Liebster and tag, and thank you Vincy (scrambles) for inspiring me too to write  by taking up the Tag first... 

Here is the Tag:

1) What is your favorite word or phrase?
'Take care', and I really mean it for all my friends and family

     2) What holiday makes you sad?
Holiday.. they are always 'WELCOME'... no sadness..

     3)What is the most cheekiest thing you have done till date?
Can't say , it is too cheeky to write here ;)

     4)What is the last meal that you made for yourself?
Well, I cook daily and today I cooked 'alu palak' and paranthas for breakfast 

     5)What was your best birthday ? Why?
Last to last birthday of mine a long lost friend of mine sent me a cake and bouquet with a small note,( we had studied together since vth std. ,  were in touch off and on), it was such a pleasant surprise for me , I was really touched 

     6)What would you do if you won the lottery?
I would thank all my stars, quit my job and enjoy my life and write a book, and would take pleasure in little things like  waiting  in the afternoons when my kids return from school... the thought itself gives me so much of pleasure...

     7) If you had a warning label, what would urs say?
  'Do not mess - explosive material'

8) Have you ever got sweet revenge on someone?
 No only planned... ha.. ha...

    9)Who was your first best friend?
I have lost touch with her....

    10)What is the most scariest thing you have ever done?

I have taken lifts from strangers when I was in college  (later stopped).. in Delhi... now it did not feel scary at that time as every one did  it, now when I look back it seems to be the scariest....