Friday, January 31, 2014

Jab We Met


The joy we had on our face was unsurpassable, we kept hugging each other, both of us had smiles ‘ear to ear’ and we kept holding hands just to make sure that we have actually met. It was an exhilarating meeting, ( our very first meeting ) that I had with my bestest blogger friend Vincy, I do not know how to thank her for squeezing out time from her very very tight schedule, but again as a part of the long list of coincidences that both of us have in our lives, it so happened that her office, where she came to conduct a training was just round the corner from my office, vow!!  It was like we were destined to meet, and this training came up an excuse for our meeting. 

I loved every bit of my 15 minutes of meeting with Vincy, in spite of landing in Delhi only in  the previous evening around 6 pm and taking long 2 hours in Delhi traffic to reach her hotel, she took out time to get such delicious chocolates for my kids. 

For me it was the shortest but the happiest meeting with a blogger friend in all these years.  We have promised each other that we will somehow make it possible to meet again, and this time at leisure, because the way we talk, as if we had been talking for years to each other, we need all the time in the world to talk our hearts out .

Thanks again Vincy for your wonderful visit! You know that each word penned down here is not an exaggeration; this is exactly what I felt. 

After she had left, my front office colleagues told me that it was a treat to watch the genuine joy both of us had on our face when we were together,  I consider it as a great compliment to our Friendship.   

Till we meet again I would place this post as a sweet memoir of our very short but very joyful meeting.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us

If not you, then nobody, yes you and only you could be my life partner and no one else. The ‘smile’ made my heart jump when I was seventeen and till date nothing has changed it. Today we are completing 15 years of marital bliss.  Together we have seen so many ups and downs in life, but we have stood by each other through thick and thin, we have fought like crazy and we have loved like crazier.

We have created a home out of nothing, we have created the love we share and the lovely children we have and the trust, the bond.  No fancy cars, no bank balance, no five star lunches can ever replace this. 

P.S – No regrets only love till eternity 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Bucket List

Blogathon 2014

My Bucket list

1.     To Exercise regularly, run, jog, yoga ..

2.   To  update my blog regularly

3.    To learn driving – once again- I have a driving phobia L

4.    To be a better mother

5.    To be a better person

         6.    Keep up my sincerity and honesty to my profession till the day I hang up my boots

7.    To learn to relax i..e to let go of my worries

8.    To  write a book

9.    To read a looooooottttttttt

10.To travel a lot !

11. To have a happy, relaxed retired life

And many more to go , but these are the top ones

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Birthday my love!

How time flies ? It seems like yesterday that I brought you into this world, you were so little , so frail and thin, so red, crying at the top of your voice, the wintry cold weather of Delhi did not help you much, in spite of the AC you seemed to be craving for the warmth of your mother, that is me, the new new Mother , who was at a loss of words seeing this small little baby so dependent on me for everything.

Now you are a lanky young girl, with long hair , an innocent smile and amazing sense of humour. I might not show it often but I end up in splits sometimes just ruminating over our conversations. You are so undemanding for the children of your age, you are so good in studies, (this also I might not agree and keep coaxing you to do better) but let me tell you that I am proud of your performance every year in academics and I am so relieved that you have not gone on me when it comes to Mathematics !!

Also I love the way you express your love for your sister, you pamper her silly, you hug her and kiss her and also both of you fight like crazy over the silliest thing in the world, but when I intervene or yell at one I love the way both of you protect each other and stand for each other. I wish and pray to God that you would be the elder sister that every younger one wishes for and prays for and loves unconditionally. I feel so good that at least till now I know that you will never let your sister down and will always be there for her and so shall she be, just do not let the bond be broken, I know how badly it hurts when this bond is broken.

Today I have only prayers, love and lots of blessings for you, this is the last year of your childhood, officially you are on the verge of teens , I know and I can see the signs of confusion and sometimes the tumultuous way you tend to take , I know I have to gear up for all this and more as you grow up but I know that the person you are, you will never stop loving me , your Father and your little sister and that you will always respect the values instilled in you and will never let any of us down. Wishing you a very Happy birthday and many many love filled, prosperous, peaceful and content birthdays to you.

I love you so much that words fail me.. but my love and life will never fail you.. I will always be there till my last breath to make your life better…. Till then Love, love and lots of blessings to you on your special day… Happy birthday Love...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Mother Tongue

Blogathon 2014

My mother Tongue is Malayalam and I am super proud of it.  I am proud of the rich heritage this language possesses, the amazing and awesome literary feast that it has to offer and I am in awe of the extremely talented, legendary writers of Malayalam.  I am immensely proud that in spite of being born and brought up in Delhi, I can read , write and speak the language fluently, the credit goes to my Parents , grandparents and my school, Kerala School, which taught me the language, the teachers who encouraged and instilled a sense of pride and belongingness in us with regard to our mother Tongue. 

In school I have won many essay writing competitions in Malayalam, and I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to read some legendary, outstanding literary works of Late Shri Takazhi Sivasankara pillai, he was awarded the highest Literary award of India ‘janpith’ for his novel Kayar (1978) (I have also had the privilige to meet him when he visited our school in the early eighties)  and the Late revolutionary literary figure Late Shrimati Kamala Das, whose works were no less than fireworks and many more such eminent writers of Malayalam and their excellent work.  

I have immensely enjoyed reading every bit of Malayalam literature and till date is a big fan of Malayalam as a language, as a medium of expression and the naturality and ease that it has, every region of Kerala has a differet tone and tanor to it’s speech but wherever it is spoken, however it is spoken it is the most charming and melodious language to my ears.

Though I am so proud of all the above, I am also ashamed and feel guilty that my children, though they are small now do not have the same attachment to this language, my elder daughter can speak , the younger one just won’t relent and in spite of my parents speaking to them in Malayalam only (they spend maximum time with them in a day) she just refuses to speak though she understands the language. I think it is our fault, I should encourage them and speak more in Malayalam at home rather than the ‘Mandi’ (Malayalam+Hindi) and ‘Manglish’ (Malayalam+English).  My elder daughter likes to read and I have tried telling her many times that by not learning to read and write Malayalam she is losing out on an ocean of extra ordinary literary works and masterpieces of literature of this beloved Language.

 I have made up my mind to take this up as a task this year and make my children learn and love their mother tongue and respect it as I do. I am thankful to my parents and the wonderful teachers of my school who instilled this feeling of respect and love for my mother tongue in me and taught me to read and write and speak it fluently because of which I am able to savour such literary spread.

Long live Malayalam and may it see many more wonderful and outstanding writers in the years to come.


Blogathon 2014

Thanks Maya for initiating all of us on this Blog Marathon right at the beginning of the year, and sorry that I could not post till now as I was busy with something or the other.  So what else than ‘Procrastination’ as the topic of my post today.  There are many things in my life which I keep postponing and the list is endless I can start with Exercising , including fruits in my diet, drinking lots of water , you know I can go without water for hours together , I have to forcibly remember that I have to drink water J.

About procrastination in  blogging, It’s not about being out of ideas and topics but I still have that wee bit of feeling that I should post only certain types of posts on my blog, though when I started blogging 6 years back, I called this space as my virtual diary, I could never have the same feeling of privacy regarding this space.  I was always and am still afraid that what if I hurt someone, or am I being judgmental or what if someone is so about me and so on and so forth  Do you also have such feelings sometimes? 

Some days when I start writing I write even two to three posts at a stretch and then there is drought of posts.. that is how I had been faring all these years.  About penning down the most close to heart thoughts and feelings and emotions, it might take a while more, though I have got some wonderful friends through this blog and I am sure they will all still encourage me for what I shall write.  Also I have the option of making this a private blog, but somehow I am not very comfortable with the idea.

So in midst of all these options and thoughts sometimes I keep procrastinating my posts languishing in the draft folder and keep deferring to push that ‘publish’ button. Do you do that often or just write and publish immediately??

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Wish

The little blue flower that hid beneath the green

Shied away from the butterflies umpteen

The dewdrop on the brink of the leaf

Tumbled on to the button rose with relief

The snail with antique round shell

Curled on to the side of the well

Like tear drops on a shiny cheek

Droplets clung on to the willowy teak

The sound of the distant stream

Melodious like a dream

Like this scene so Beautiful and charming

I wish the year shall be – Heart warming