Friday, January 31, 2014

Jab We Met


The joy we had on our face was unsurpassable, we kept hugging each other, both of us had smiles ‘ear to ear’ and we kept holding hands just to make sure that we have actually met. It was an exhilarating meeting, ( our very first meeting ) that I had with my bestest blogger friend Vincy, I do not know how to thank her for squeezing out time from her very very tight schedule, but again as a part of the long list of coincidences that both of us have in our lives, it so happened that her office, where she came to conduct a training was just round the corner from my office, vow!!  It was like we were destined to meet, and this training came up an excuse for our meeting. 

I loved every bit of my 15 minutes of meeting with Vincy, in spite of landing in Delhi only in  the previous evening around 6 pm and taking long 2 hours in Delhi traffic to reach her hotel, she took out time to get such delicious chocolates for my kids. 

For me it was the shortest but the happiest meeting with a blogger friend in all these years.  We have promised each other that we will somehow make it possible to meet again, and this time at leisure, because the way we talk, as if we had been talking for years to each other, we need all the time in the world to talk our hearts out .

Thanks again Vincy for your wonderful visit! You know that each word penned down here is not an exaggeration; this is exactly what I felt. 

After she had left, my front office colleagues told me that it was a treat to watch the genuine joy both of us had on our face when we were together,  I consider it as a great compliment to our Friendship.   

Till we meet again I would place this post as a sweet memoir of our very short but very joyful meeting.

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