Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy New Year

Wishing a very Happy and Peaceful New Year 2015  to all

This year wrap up post has been in my mind for very long.. I had planned to write many things, but somehow all that comes to mind is a blank, I just want to be silent and say a prayer to the power somewhere out there , high above looking at all of us, please give us the strength to keep the faith, give us all peace and love and harmony, let no  child be killed so brutually that his mother loses the will to live and to ever pray.. please let this world be enveloped with good sense, good cheer and PEACE....

HAPPY NEW YEAR, please 2015 be good to us all ..........

Till then take care 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Steady Downpour

The path turned wet
The drizzle turned to a steady downpour
The angst hiccupped and then exploded
A million portions of a lonely heart crashed
The small rivulets joined in
Tender but all absorbing
Walking back on the path
Life on a rewind
Whirlwind towards the womb
The same darkness
This time no light in sight
Some flower laden branches collapsed
The red flowers turned out to be fragile
The nest seemed abandoned
Walking on, getting wet
Tears mingling with the raindrops
Melting the steely spine
Standing up on the slippery path
No sturdy, shady tree around
Only vast wet winding path……………..