Tuesday, February 9, 2016




It was you or me,

Who cut it in a spree?

There is a numbness spreading,

Ruthless and speeding.

The softness and patience,

Lay crushed by the rough defiance

The passion and need,

Vaporized indeed

Long ago that candle was aglow,

Left to turn all wax and dark in the blow

Only visible are the flaws,

That at the heart claws.

Loneliness and wounds daunts

Unfulfilled promises haunts

Memories will languish

With loss and anguish….

So, it was you or me

Who cut it in a spree?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dainty dreams



The glow worms scuttled through the dark,

Leaving a glitter of light and spark

heart waited with bated breath,

to see the sun hug the earth

On the flowing blue sea the dainty dreams sauntered,

Longingly looking at the orange clouds gathered

Though the splash of salty tears along the lids flowed,

It ebbed when the light of dusk on the sea shells glowed

Somewhere along the journey, along the high and low tide

The warmth seeped off and lay cold on the side

Little hopes bubbled along, sometimes feeble sometimes strong

Edging off mirages, clinging on with patience for so long……