Monday, June 27, 2016

Blog Marathon post no. 1 - An ode to my writing inspiration and celebrated author Ms. Preeti Shenoy

So... this place has been ignored for quite a while and I have been trying hard to get over the 'writers' block' which has gripped me quite badly for a while now. So in order to challenge my self to get over this so called 'block' and also to do more frequently what I love doing.. writing that is... (apart from reading ofcourse) I am starting this Blog Marathon and hope to stick by it and complete this without fail and any gaps in between by July 27th... so all the best to me and here I am with my first post...
I have to admit here that I am hugely inspired by Preeti Shenoy, the best selling author of books like 'The one you can not have', ' The secret wishlist' etc.,  hats off to her, she has been blogging also  for almost 10 years and I have been her reader almost the same number of years, I saw her transforming into a brilliant and celebrated writer, I have read her books and loved it to bits, her books are simple, sincere and has a quality to win you over with it's absolute charm. 

So  as I was saying Ms. Shenoy, inspite of being a busy and celebrated writer who has 7 absolutely beautiful pieces of literature under her belt, who is also a column writer and a Mom of two and a Yoga enthusiast takes out time out of her super busy schedule to keep her blog updated,  she challenges her self often to write a blog marathon on her blog and then she writes every single day,  where in I am sure she has enough assignments and novel (s) going on in  her head for her next successful venture, but nothing stops her from being deterred from her commitment everytime she does a blog Marathon, and I am awe inspired by that.

She is my inspiration for writing and I am going to try, even if I fail, I am going to try and fail , I am not going to give up  without trying every single day... though she needs no introduction here I am giving this link to her blog which is a suuper inspiring place... thanks Preeti for being an inspiration to people like me... who slog day in and day out in a Corporate corner and our hobbies and talent languish under the daily monotony and fatigue..
Also I am so honoured and happy to share here that long time back Preeti had graced by blog and commented on one of poems here, and her comment, I treasure till date...
So see you tomorrow, till then.. here is my first Marathon blogpost.....



  1. Hi! I am a huge fan of Preeti Shenoy and when I was going through the comments on her blog posts, I came across yours and thought I would check out your blog marathon post too. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. Preeti is an inspiration for me as well. I love her books because I can relate to her writing. Such is an all rounder and nothing stops her from doing what she wants. All the best to you and your Blog Marathon. Shall drop by another day and read your posts! :-)

  2. Hi Prathima, You are absolutely right Prathima, she is an all rounder and an inspiration. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your encouraging comments. Do drop in again , I will look forward to your comments.
    take care

  3. Dear Rekha, my hearty congratulations for challenging yourself first. This is one challenge I have been putting off myself and i am so glad to see you take it up and go with it. I am sure you will be able to make it. Go on with your blog marathon and you can be assured of my support through out these days.

    Will look out for your post every day.

    and yes, I respect Preeti too. I have been reading her blogs for some years and she never misses to motivate me to go on in life.

  4. Thanks a lot Vincy, I had tried this earlier but could not go beyond two posts, I hope to do better this time and my writing was rusting a lot...It is so sweet of you to be going through my blog every day for supporting me.. this is going to be another reason for me to go for it every day. Yes about Preeti, she is just awesome...
    take care