Friday, September 2, 2016

Guiltily yours


I am planning to go on a girls night out with the girl gang... and I am like shattering into pieces already from inside.  Every time I look at my daughters I feel guilty, guilty that I shall not be around a whole night and half day and I am actually going to have fun without them around.  I have spent nights out with my friends earlier but I have always had my kids around.  Also I have gone out on official trips many times, for days together, I have felt bad and guilty not to be with them for helping them around but not the guilt in this proportion because I know I am working and they know that too, here I know I am having fun and they know that too. I thought of not telling them about the trip but then the guilt would only double.

I feel as if I am really going to do something gigantically unmom like  (er... I know there is no such word) well, I feel bad, and many times I almost dialed my friends number to tell her that I can not do it, I can not have fun with out my kids, how can I ? it is totally not happening.  While doing this I realized that as parents how much our lives revolve round our kids, anything and everything that we do in our life has to be done taking into consideration how it would affect our kids, whether it is something as complicated as moving to a new city or location or something as simple as ordering food from outside, everything has to be in sync with our children and their liking and comfort. 

Then one fine morning our children, all set and ready to go and explore the world will say their goodbyes to us and just fly away leaving the nest empty, mothers like me will sit permanently perched on the windowsill looking out for our children to come home during holidays, during summer breaks, during our anniversary, birthday etc. but then they will be busy with their own lives, their children, they will plan their summer breaks, their holidays, anniversary and birthdays as per the liking and comfort of their children, they will make all their plans as per their children, it is only but natural .... and history shall repeat itself... 


The whole point is parents, especially mothers and that too working mothers die a thousand death if they take out even a day out for pampering themselves or going out with their friends , we feel that we are snatching away the time that our children deserves with us. Some one like me who is a natural worrier will not even enjoy the outing even if I finally decide to go ahead with the night out plan, because every time I  will be loosening out and about to relax I shall remember my kids at home and shall embark on my guilt trip with all my might...



I am guilty.. guiltily yours... my children..........


  1. Hey i come to your blog and am pleasatly surprised with its new look. I love the hurricane lamp and the hope, the warmth it signifies :-)

    That was lovely.

    Now to your post. you rightly said it we mothers die a thousand deaths and go through a thousand guilt trips before we learn to get out of it. or maybe we never get out at all.

    I have gone through and still go through these guilt trips pretty often. having said that you need to put all that aside and enjoy yourself. you need to derive strength from these little thrills in life like a simple night out and come back a super energetic mom to take care of your girls and hubby. what say!!!

  2. Thanks Vincy, I am glad you like the new look. These lamps are my weakness lots of sweet memories attached to it. About the post, yes that's what I also finally thought to let go and enjoy and come back charged to take charge again !!
    take care

  3. what can I say ss! You have expressed the anguish of working moms so well here that I think I can just copy and paste this to my personal journal:-) Many parents may find out too late that it is better to have some personal time while it is still fun. So hope you have enjoyed your trip