Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Thumbed post !! post no. 3

It was with great enthusiasm that I jumped into the madness of Nablopomo, and just after 2 posts, the Delhi weather caught up with me and here I am on the third day of unplanned leave and lagging behind at least 5 posts !!
But how long can u really stop yourself from writing when the commitment you have made pokes you every day.
I downloaded the blogger app so that I can at least start writing something. My laptop lying around the room is one which has become good for nothing and my wifi connection is also under the weather, so the one who is going to salvage me today will be my one and only beloved phone.
So I shall not be writing looong posts today, it will be short and sweet and will mostly end before it begins :)
Hey but look at the feeling friends, I am forced to type with my thumb, yes, the entire posts with a thumb!! enough of self glory..that is why this is called a thumb post..
The truth is  I had to write even if it was on a phone, with my thumb, whatever this is my come back post..only hoping that it won't be a flop just like most of the come back are..!!
Watch out this space for more 'thumbed posts', till then take care and breath well...before your city ends up like ours, 'unbreathable'!!
P.S. Please ignore the typos,spacing,format etc.of this 'thumbed post' 