Monday, November 28, 2016

for a bit of space .... post no. 29

Don’t walk  tall, don’t  laugh loud,

Use less words, make do with a nod.

No venturing out, adjust inside.

Your desires! better put aside.

No extra food on your plate

And that is not your slate!

Do those dishes, that is your fate.

Learn to cook, food good in taste.

These words are still uttered,

Curses for the girl child are still muttered.

The day even the deepest, darkest nook and corner

Of Bharat illuminates with love for the daughter,

That day we shall revel together……

The victory of many sacrificed souls, we will gather.

Till then, let us push a bit further…

For a bit of space for the little girls,  in the lap of every father…..


  1. I am reminded of what Sheryl Sandberg said "i want every little girl who is told she is bossy to be told she has leadership skills!!". We should teach our little girls to create their own space. :-).

  2. this is a nightmare reborn in trump's america too. i hope there are enough sane people around so it won't turn into the cancer that it is. funny thing is, the war is still not won, yet some people (men and women) think what is achieved is too much already! alarming..