Saturday, November 19, 2016

It pains no. 19

It pains me...

when people are blind to other's difficulties

when people are mindless about the harsh realities of  those with whom they daily interact, no sympathy, leave alone empathy..

when people are egoistic, rude and self imposing

when people say something and do something entirely different..'

when people are moody that is they would say hi and smile at you one day and some other days they just see through you

when even the sincerest effort of some one is overlooked just because they are not in your good books

when people turn blind eye to the gravest of mistakes of those who are their chamchas to the core.

when people will come and talk to you only because you are so and so and in so and so department...

when people run you down for certain things going on in the organisation with out even trying to find out if you had any role to play in such things.they are ruled by their assumptions.

when people whom you trust turn around and play politics

when whatever you do..however hard you try.. some people are just not pleased

when people are snobbish and look down upon others only because they are not of your status !!

The list is very long and I seldom write here about my professional pains and pangs but sometimes things just go a bit far, this is just a culmination of many things at the work front. Someone else''s frustrations and suffering and helplessness can also cause an enormous amount of heart ache.. because it is hard to be a spectator... I wish I had some magic wand.. some spells ..something to help out...and something with which I could tell some people that it is not always designations and superiority that matters in life, it is also about compassion and empathy, good will and humaneness....


  1. God - this is a lot to take, especially at work, and not worth it. I wish that someone all the strength to come out of this stronger and unscathed!

    1. Yeah.. it is a lot to take... and it is very numbing to just watch.. such is Corporate Politics at it's worst....

  2. 20 plus years in the corporate world. I have gone through every one of these and much more.

    Okay. I am wiping my memory clean of this post - i have not read this.

    but let me give you, my two cents, going by my expereince. Whatever the world throws at you, we should be kind and nice to others. not for others sake. but for our own good. easier said than done.

    1. I am going to treasure these two cents.. difficult it is but yes I will try...

  3. i have only 2 things to tell you:
    - change is the only thing that is constant. one day is never like another.
    - the only thing you can control is you. focus on that and forget about others.