Tuesday, November 8, 2016

no post post....post no.9

See this is what happens when you churn out posts after posts in a day as if you were bit by a blog bug and then suddenly there is nothing to write.  I tried my best to write on the big breaking news that is doing the rounds now and which has hit really hard all those who have money stacked under their bed and under the bathroom tiles ha.. ha.. but what has a poor man er.. woman to fear so here I am fearless and post less only looking for a topic for my post.. not for the post office.

I actually wanted to do a wordless Wednesday today but damn it!  I can not find the photograph which I wanted to post, it was perfect picture of Solang valley, near Manali and looks like a post card or a painting, but it is not either, it is clicked by my husband whose favourite hobby during vacations is to click pictures of nature right from bugs to flowers but you will hardly ever find the photograph of a human being in his phone or camera, well.. that job is left to the children and me and the children really enjoys doing clickety click, especially selfies.

Well what is the fun of explaining the picture in so much detail when I do not have it with me to be posted.  So with teary eyes that are still on the lookout for fodder for the post I bid adieu to you with this teeny weeny post. I hope this will count as a post, would it ???

I will come back with a bang... sorry... a post soon…


  1. Yes yes it does count as a post! Clap clap! We cannot possibly survive without such no-post posts, Rekha! So yay for you! Keep them coming ;)

    I had planned a WW too, but couldn't find any worthy pic, rather was too lazy to hunt through my memory drive and pick one :P

  2. Ha ha.. thanks Deeps... now I have to also go and look for that pic at least I can use it next wednesday !!

  3. Solang is such a beautiful place, no? :)

    Btw, I heart your header. :)

    1. Yes it is Swar.. it was bliss to be there !!
      Thankie.. even I love it... I am a fan of lanterns :)

  4. Replies
    1. oh... where has it gone... are you having any difficulty in commenting...?? do let me know.
      take care

  5. Hehe. You have moderation on? I thought the comment was lost. :)

  6. the picture has been drawn vividly in your words ss! now i really want to see it. hope you found and you posted it in the ones i am yet to read

  7. hey Rekha, Every time i see your cheat post, i feel so bad that i was not there to comment and help you move forward.

    anyways girl, you have all the determination in the world and it will take you places. This coming from someone who is reading your blogathon backwards. :-)