Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oh my Smog!! post no. 4

I am suffering from sore throat for the last 6 days and every single day after Diwali had been enveloped in thick Smog..why I am saying both these sentences in the same breath because it is really really connected.
It is really unfortunate that a festival that all of us celebrate with so much fervour and excitement has left us all gasping for breath. Really one has to see it to believe the kind of thick Smog that Delhi NCR has been engulfed in. When we venture out even for a few minutes we can really feel the irritants in every breath we take.
The Delhi govt. Has closed schools, Ghaziabad administration has tweaked timings but still, today I woke up today to the sounds of bursting crackers, as if enough damage has not already been done.The crackers might be bursting due to Chatt puja, but why don't we understand that when there will be no fresh air to breath, no clean water to drink how the hell will we survive to do any puja??
It is a pity that we are just not realising the extent of damage that we are causing to our children, we are not even leaving fresh air for them to breath,what is our contribution in their life..what will they do with all the FD's and gold if they will not be able to breathe to survive!!
I know there are many out there like me and you who are writing about it, signing online petitions,planting trees but I really hope that we shall be able to outnumber those who are cutting trees, bursting crackers, emitting pollution from their vehicles..
I hope next Diwali we should be able to come up with total and strict ban on crackers and the government takes more steps to curb polluting vehicles on road, and meanwhile we can do our bit by planting saplings in our society grounds, even planting fresh herbs in our kitchen garden!!
Let us all push harder for our right to clean, fresh air if not for our sake at least for our children's sake. 
Now let me take that antibiotic for the sore throat..and drink that Tulsi ka kadha as well....


  1. A couple of articles that I have been following say the problem is more than just crackers too. In any case, it is so bad. :( We need long-term solutions to tackle routine problems.
    Am coming there on 19th, and wondering how different it might feel. Hugs! Hope you are better now.

    1. Thanks Swar.. yest problem is ofcourse more than crackers but it contributed so much so badly...

  2. It is a sad state of affairs for something as mammoth as a National capital and we still have no solutions in sight, still grappling in the dark on this issue. Yes, we have a duty to provide our next generation with basics such clean air and clean environment.

    1. As I type this out.. there is Smog outside...nothing no goverment.. no people no body is bothered people who are sick suffers that is it...