Monday, November 14, 2016

slice of memory .. post no. 14

Image result for children sitting on the steps of pond in kerala

Fragrant bunch of jasmine blooms

The light of lamps in silky hues

Sonorous tone of deity’s chants

Clang of bells of the line of cows

Hurrying towards the meadows of grass

Calls of birds on long branches

Pecking on ripe, earthy rose apples

Small sparrows scurrying on dry leaves

Such lovely scenes I behold

running with tiny feet towards the serene pond

To sit on the large stone steps

Dangling my feet into the green waters

Giggling at the small fishes pecking on my ankles

Chattering nonstop with friends…

Reminiscing on this  slice of memory

From the bygone times……

relive the childhood times….

NB: picture courtesy - internet 


  1. this is so lovely! you found the most beautiful picture to match these beautiful words.

    1. thank you lan.. I am so glad you liked it...

  2. Whats with you Rekha, this image and Poem kind of pulled at my heart strings and kind of created a sweet pain. loved the image as well as the poem.

    Wishing more poems to be written by the Poetess. Love and hugs to hugs

  3. Thank you so much Vincy.. these are all the result of the nostalgia pangs that I go through.. I am so happy that you like it, really means a lot...