Thursday, November 17, 2016

Things I like no. 17

Here is my list of things I like in random,  thanks to Shilpa and Swaram from whom I have borrowed this idea….

1)      Cuddling my children
2)      Reading
3)      Writing /blogging
4)      Sleeping
5)      Talking
6)      cooking
7)      baking
8)      crocheting
9)      long walks
10)    adrak wali chai
11)   Lanterns
12)   Spending time with my family
13)   Meeting my friends
14)   Kerala rains
15)   Quaint little kerala homes with a paddy field in front and a railway line beyond it !
16)   Rose apples
17)   Biryani
18)   Shopping
19)   Putting kajal in my eyes
20)   Jasmine and pichi poovu fragrance
21)   Chitchatting with my husband
22)   Collecting quotes
23)   Collecting lanterns – mostly miniature
24)   Dancing on dj floor till I drop – I am a bad dancer, but I dance as if no body is watching !
25)   Reading recipes
26)   Eating Pappadams
27)   Kadu manga achar and rice with pappadam! yum!!
28)   Long hair
29)   Cute children
30)   Lovely poems
31)   Vermillion
32)   Sarees
33)   Anklets
34)   Bangles
35)   Bollywood gossip ;)
37)   Pakoras
38)   Looking out of the window while travelling, savouring the scenery
39)   Gardening
40)   Painting
41)   Visitng calm, serene temples of kerala and certain temples here as well
42)   Sandalwood paste or chandanam
43)   Candy crush
44)   Blog hopping
45)   Writing long letters
46)   Reading long letters
47)   Clean house (cleaned by some one else !)
48)   Reminiscing
49)   Believing in miracles
50)   Believing in angels
51)   Believing in gratitude
52)   Believing in Almighty
53)   Déjà vu – the good ones
54)   Horror movies
55)   Horror stories
56)   Stories based on rural Bengal
57)   Food shows
58)   Travel shows
59)   Old hindi songs
60)   Punjabi songs
61)   Dilli ki sardi
62)   Hill stations
63)   Moonlit nights
64)   Talking till the wee hours of night  with my favourite people
65)   Straight forward people
66)   My mother tongue
67)   Malayalam literature
68)   Butterflies
69)   Gushing rivers
70)   Cows grazing on grass meadows
71) Sandalwood perfume


  1. I hopped in here after ages and I see your blogathon!!!!

    My God am so thrilled and congratulations, you had the courage to start yet another one, the same year. and look what you are almost close to the deadline. 17 continuous posts amazing.

    This random list is so nice to go over. May your list increase each passing year and may "You' top this list always.

    dying to read the other posts. will read when i find time :-) All the best for the remaining days.

    1. Hey Vincy, Thanks yaar.. I took it up so that I can keep my blog alive otherwise it will start gathering dust... let us do this together next time..
      Hugs to you .. take care

  2. Lanterns toh have got to make it to the list, hai na!! :P
    I remember Amma used to tell me how good you were in Malayalam literature. Ah Dilli ki sardi...its unbeatable!

    1. ha ha lanterns and bond it is ... yes teacher was the one who used to give me all the encouragement..

  3. 15 - So love such places. :)
    Also the Kerala rains, hillstations and moonlit nights. :)

    1. hai na... these things have a charm of their own...

  4. True blue Malayali, you! :)
    Kerala rains -- sigh. Love them to bits...and have missed them the past 9 years!

    1. yes though I am born and brought up in Delhi but somewhere I am a true blue malayali... the rains, the paddy field.. everything .. i just love...

  5. I am laughing at 47. We share quite a few similarities. I am yearning for adrak wali chai now. You love Punjabi songs?? I am a Punjabi and it's been ages since I heard a Punjabi song!! Good to know a bit about you through this post and thanks for taking it up, rekha :)

  6. ha ha I am a cleanliness freak like that ;)
    Yeah I love punjabi songs.. and adrak wali chai..and so glad to get to know people like you Shilpa, I am so happy to have jumped on to this blogathon.. or else may be I would never get to meet such talented people like you :)

  7. ditto on all except #10. not familiar with it but must be good if you like it. #63 & #38 are special....

  8. hey you must try it.. it is awesome to have it in winters.. when we meet I will make this for you...