Friday, March 3, 2017


Do you believe in miracles? I do. I am fascinated by the idea of a miracle, there have been instances in my life where I have felt that what just happened was nothing short of a miracle in it’s literal sense.
I feel it is very positive to believe in miracles, I am not saying that we should just sit pretty waiting for a miracle to happen, we must do our 100% and wait for the natural progression of that 100% effort but if that is topped by a miracle as well, it would be really great, is it not??

Sometimes the very idea of a positive, wonderful outcome can pave way to it happening sooner or later… yes it does.  There are so many why’s and how’s that play in our mind that shows us how a particular thing may not happen at all, but then suddenly it happens, without even giving us a chance to contemplate how did this go?.  

I read a small, simple book, which is about positive thinking, but it was not the normal, visualization, affirmation stuff, it was about changing our thoughts to better thoughts, controlling our reactions to better ones. It is such a simple, basic thought but it really does wonders when we implement it, what happens then is nothing short of a miracle. It rings true then that what we give, we get, that is  if we give out positive vibes to a person,  99.99 recurring percent, we will receive the same back. It is not an easy task , it is Herculean in nature, it requires dedicated, daily practice and it requires fattening that thin line of patience a lot.

I am on a mission right now to watch such miracles too, apart from the ones that I believe in, I am trying to see the miracles that happen when we change our approach, behavior and thoughts towards something or someone who  bothers us or stresses us out.  I have started seeing the glimpses of change; I hope to see more, an entire transformation and in the process, I am readying myself to witness a beautiful MIRACLE!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

pulling me up....

Recently I attended a 3 day training program by a world renowned trainer and learned many new things. 

The irony is he was not saying anything new, everything he said was everything we already know, but seldom act upon it.  I liked the programme very much, but one thing which stayed with me is his encouragement to write, write a journal daily, not much, just to jot down how do you feel about certain things in life on a daily basis, for example 'today I learned....', 'today I commit', 'Today I am proud of 'etc.  I started doing it and now its been over 10 days and when I go back and look at that journal, what I feel is how easy it is to get dejected in life, it is the most easiest thing to do, to feel dejected, and to deject others as well.  It takes a lot of courage to lift others up and it requires a lot more than that to pull oneself up, to face ones own insecurities, fears, challenges and innate nature. 

According to me  the whole idea of this journal keeping is bringing our self to our own perspective, realize the flaws, go about trying to correct it, even the trial gets recorded. I think it's a great way to self realization. This is my understanding of this concept, to each his own.

I have been struggling to bring in change, change in myself, believe me it is hard, it requires practise, patience, dedication and the will to keep challenging oneself to improve. It is harder for a very very normal, in fact temperamental person like me with very thin patience to get accustomed to this 'change your self first to change others'.  But I am at it, no idea whether I would succeed or not, but try I will and as a part of this challenge I am going to try and write here daily, no it is not a marathon, I am too burned out for one, it is something symbolic of the change that I am trying to bring in myself, daily, one at a time, like a tortoise, slow... very slow.. but surely there.

I know I might not be making any sense here, and next posts of mine might also not make much sense but I am going to try and try either I will win or I might lose, but even in losing i am sure there will be a small victory somewhere....