Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Elephantine star...

You name the dish and it will be in front of you in a jiffy, you name your problem and she will be there to hold your hand and give you a free advise. The entire ladies clan was her fan, every one enjoyed chit chatting with her, every one flocked to her house during the free time. She was surrounded by young and old alike. 

As night falls she waits for an opportunity to tell her son how much his wife had been ignoring her of late.  All day she, his mother  is in the kitchen doling out favorite dishes for the uncaring daughter in law and him and his younger brother. Her feet are like elephant feet now, with swelling spreading till the calf. But then who cares!

The phone rings and this is the other ladies clan, her fans , followers from the locality where she used to live earlier.. they are all dropping in tomorrow for a short visit around 1.00 pm . How can she disappoint them, after all they swoon over her culinary skills.. so she saunters into the kitchen, elephant feet and all,  to start preparing for the paav bhaji to be prepared from scratch, the brownies , the methi bhaaji and  water melon juice.. and what about some handvo????? she thought!


  1. this story is complex Rekha. we need to talk about this.

  2. Ha...ha. sure..looking forward to it