Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me.. chicken.. me

I have been going through a lot of blogs recently and I must say I have chickened out after seeing the quality of writing in all these blogs. It’s not as if I was critically analyzing them nor am I an authority on anybody’s writing prowess but it’s the amazing simplicity, sincerity, humor ( its just too good), the ability to laugh at yourself and the ability to touch the heart of those who read your blogs which makes these blogs really awesome. Hats off to all you women, some of whom I have noticed are home makers which means that they always have something or the other to look after, to set right etc. but they are still pursuing their interest, taking time out for themselves, to pour their heart out and hats off to them too who are working and who are constantly hard pressed for time yet they are taking time out to connect to the world, to their friends and more importantly to themselves. I also came across some male writers who were really striking with their writing, their ability to strike a chord, their perspective, everything is really wonderful.

Now.. now let me tell you why I chickened out, I felt I was not even half as good as anybody whom I have read and enjoyed, but then I realize that blogging is not about being perfect or being good with words, but its all about pouring yourself as you are on to the virtual world right from your heart, right from your soul, no pretence, no put on . And I think these are exactly the reason for those heavy traffic on all these blogs and the kind of response they generate.

Unpretentious blogging is like pouring your heart out to your best friend… So from being a chicken I have decided to be back to myself and start blogging with renewed vigour and valour.

Hats off to all bloggers… all you guys are JUST GREAT.. thanks for the inspiration !!!!

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