Monday, June 13, 2022

sun kissed bright days!

 The long, graceful vine tendrils

slowly, sweetly tightened its grip

jagged breath and blue lip

clinged on to betraying fragrant tendrils

pearls of foggy love clouded along

slowly, hardened feelings feigned sorrow

 closed the chapter for a better tomorrow

then smothered the tears gathering along

Long steps melted into  cold days

slowly,  devoid of warmth of hugs

naked toes trembled on tattered rugs

 desperately seeking sun kissed  bright days

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

waning courage

 splashes of ice cold water 

jolted frayed nerves  out of the trance

deep hollow eyes darkened with lack of sleep

lines and crowfeet running deep 

thinning hair and waning courage

are these the signs of a crumbling mirage

fumbling around with octopus hands

clinging on to strands of smile,

words, jumbled and crumpled,

lightning of laughter, mayflowers from overcast memory,

leaning on loaded love with promise of unknow future

fate, destiny or just wrong decisions

karma of several lives

emotions boil up and down like 

the seams of a thirsty river

flowing silently in anticipation of rain

to just uproot all shoots of the pain....

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Empty nest

The scorching, tearing pain 
that I went through was not in vain
The moment I saw your curly eyelashes and soft face
That  was the beginning of my life's new phase

Your first steps and babbles
I still remember our little squabbles
you were a quiet but happy child
happy with a sweet, happy on a slide

falling from the cycle and running in the parks
waiting for mamma to hug you for those superb marks
when did it all disappear and you grew up to be a beauty
Suddenly i was reminded of all my mom duty

Look how the days just passed by
you out grew my lap and the lullaby
you are all ready to fly away soon
may you achieve the sun and the moon

The sound  of your peals of laughter
our long nights and your incessant chatter
I will miss you each time I pass by your room
you are so precious you are no less than an heirloom

Go touch the horizon and conquer the sky 
In case you ever want rest and to come by
You will find me right here baby , waiting by the door
your mamma with heart full of happiness and talks galore

It  feels as if my heart will explode into shards
but the thought of you winning all those  stars
makes me stop my tears and just smile warmly
daughter, you make us all so  proud, the entire family

This empty nest will always wait for you
This house and my heart will always miss you
Fly away my daughter,  to fame, to success and glory
your mother will forever be here, waiting for you with a song and a soiree

I will forever love you to the moon and back....

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Lotus feet

Marigolds showered on your Lotus feet

gleams gold and orange colors  infinite

pools of kindness that  shine in  your eyes

calm my frayed nerves like drizzles of ice

your beautiful flutes soul stirring tune

is akin to soothing hues of moon

fragrant  butter and cool milk platter

is offered to you amidst chaos and clatter

It rains hope, love and peace on my heart

erases each of my pain and all the hurt

envelopes me in a fog of serenity

I am indebted forever to your divinity

do not vanish  in between, leaving me alone

grappling with life's turns unknown

please hold my hand and show the way

or to your abode  just take  me away ....

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Happy Twentieth Birthday My love....

Like glistening pure pearls on a silk thread

may happiness shower on you with slivers of shiny yellow and red

You shall surely pass this phase

with flying colors and heaps of praise

you will travel the world and will dabble in  prose

your poems are fragrant as a sun kissed rose

your outfits shall be the talk of the town

and your humour is your diamond  crown

these difficult days shall pass soon

and your life will shine like a moon

beautiful, inspiring and so whole 

I love you like an unseen part of my soul

On your birthday I wish you  luck, happiness and love

 like the wings of a pristine dove

May you get wings to fly 

May you conquer the sky

Just pin this thought on to your heart

that Mama shall be here with love in her heart

blessings on her lips and pride in her eyes

Till the time she is  around 

and then like a guardian angel beyond

How much you are loved , you may never know

But its a promise that you shall be  forever cherished and loved 

Happy twentieth birthday my love

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year 2022 to everyone

 A couple of days ago I started writing the customary New year post.  I could not finish it because what I went through in 2021 is equivalent to a life time of experience. I just could not complete what I started , I choked with emotions twice in between, then I thought let this be in my drafts post, I do not want to put this energy out on the internet and does not want it to vibrate.  

May be I am not making any sense, well, understandably so.  All I can say to sum up this year is I am grateful that I am alive and my family is alive and is healthy.  With the covid cases again surging all around , I am scared beyond words and I just pray earnestly and whole heartedly to God Almighty to get all of us out from this terrible, terrible times of our life.

I wish all of you, all the humans out there, every one who reads this or not to be blessed with good health and happiness in the coming year and beyond.  Let us be just grateful for being alive and being in good health, let us be grateful for our family, our parents, our spouses, our children, siblings, colleagues, friends every one and especially for the air we breathe.  Just ,just live and let live and pray and take care.

Happy 2022 to the world, to the earth and to all of us.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Trail of stardust

 some fragrant flowers are pressed in the pages of my scrapbook

once in a while I look at it with my inner eyes

not having the courage to touch it with my hands

whilst the dust soils my heart

those mesmerizing days had left a trail of stardust

for few moments it lit  my pathways with rose gold

the flutter of butterflies inside me

flew around my sweet smelling straight dark hair

only to fly out and never come back

these dreams that seems unreal

that may not have been mine either

rainbow orbs danced in front of me

without the promise to belong 

just to look, feel and yearn

now as the clock turns and tires

a dark cave with a blue river outside

snowclad mountains and rolling pastures

and a sprawling view of loneliness

blinded by a  sheet of misty rain

stitches the edges of my lingering pain

the numbness spreads everywhere

even to the fingertips, slowly smiling at sleep

the ever eluding enigma

come dance with me one last time

sit with me and let us pretend the clock never moved

the clouds just covered your eyes and mine for a solitary moment.....