my little cottage

The little cottage nestled on the foot of rolling hills green patch with white picket fencings adorning the cozy nook with lacy frills colorful sidewalks spattered with  white and pink daisies quaint table with four cane chairs under the  tree laden with oranges blooming fragrant blossoms drowning all the  cares amidst the calming silhouette of hills looming living the life of dreams every day... In the little cottage nestled on foot of rolling hills misty fog flowing on  beautiful mornings with books to read and songs to sing long lazy days with crochet cardigans to knit little fireplace and warm rugs to sit a lovely lantern hanging above the blue  door   entwined with  beaming bougainvillea  vine amidst dreamy nights oozing stardust shine...

Happy New Year 2024!

 Another year is about to say good bye to us , a year which was like none other.  A year which will forever be etched in my memory. I lost.. in so many ways.  I gained but do not know wholly and finally about it yet. Amidst this hide and seek game of counting good years and bad years I have almost crossed half a life time.   Hoping for love, happiness, blessings, prosperity and above all peace for me and my family in the coming year 2024! Wishing each one of you who is reading this post a fabulous, happy and absolutely amazingly miraculously blessed year 2024! Happy New Year!!!

just like that you flew my nest!

just like that  you flew my nest your little nick knacks sit heavy on my chest  your side of the book shelf  looks all tidy and empty tugging hard at  my heart strings  all those outfits you left behind sits pretty like a set of  colourful feathers bringing tears to my dry eyes the almirah is all in order ! but i miss all the chaos the peals of laughter and chit chat the noise that came from your room all is silent now only your sister sits there missing you every minute  once in a while she glances at me with eyes full of sorrow her heart brimming  with stories and talks to share with you missing you every nook and every corner you took a part of us and our hearts with  you we wait excitedly for your calls I long to touch you through the thin phone wall I long to feed you with my hands to your hearts content to your souls solace to hold you close and sleep with you feeling your head on my shoulder once again cradling you like the baby you were daughter , I miss your smiles your argume

A Heartfelt Prayer!

This year is only 4 months old and it has already knocked me out not once but twice.  This February 26th my Father breathed his last, though I was struggling with his cancer treatment since February '22 and knew that sooner or later he shall leave, but when the moment came, sooner than I expected, it was nothing like what I had ever expected.  Ours was not a typical Father daughter relationship, It was just hanging on threads of responsibility, compassion and the fact that he brought me into this world, even then the vacum and grief which overwhelmed me on his passing  just left me shocked. I had not even recovered from it fully and it was not even 2 months since my father passed that on this  April 23rd my Father in law, who was actually my Father in many ways,  who was the person who showed me the real meaning of a Father's love and how to bring up your kids selflessly passed away just like that, one moment he was there and the next he just vanished.  The fact that we got him

crushed sandalwood

 The leaf that fell through time on to the  salty tears smelled like rose and tasted like lime the embers of soaring dreams that fell on the curling lashes smelled like jasmine and felt like ice the moments borrowed from someones life that fell through the fire of love and longing on to the damp heart smelled like crushed sandalwood and felt like roaring sea the moment of truth that fell through the time on to the stagnant life smelled like wet earth and felt like a long, cold  night....

Happy birthday my love..

Time just flew by leaving me wide eyed its like you were born just yesterday so tiny, so beautiful and today we celebrate your 21st birthday I wish you live long, love a lot and  laugh through a beautiful life my love for you is like a deep ocean with no beginning, no end and so deep that even I am unaware of its depth now that you are on the verge of flying away my heart breaks at the thought but it also swells with pride... that you will be this strong, independent, successful woman who will shine through out her life I love you so much my dear daughter wishing you love, happiness and blessings to you on your birthday and forever....

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2023

I almost gave up the idea to post this customoray New Year wish, because the bologsphere is almost barren now. I am talking of the blogosphere which was there when we started off around a decade back, well I digress, this is supposed to be a New Year post. Well, Just hoping hard and praying harder for a virus free year. We almost made it without it for few months and lo and behold, there it is again. I can't bear to think of those times, so will not go there. I am just wanting to have a simple, peaceful, stress free year. A year where I can really practise leaving the worry about future way behind and just savour today,the present, however sour or sweet it is. It really seems like a super power  not to dwell on the past and worry about future,  at least to me it looks like one. Not going the New Year resolutions way also , because been there, done that! Nah! it doesn't work for me. I hope it works for you, go for whatever works for you to bring the cheer on this year ! With lot