Monday, July 27, 2009

Wet Drops

Rising tides washed away the sands,
Stretching out on the cold sea shore
Pale moonlight danced on silky hairstrands
Weaving life and dreams galore

A sprinkling of stars on the vast skies,
Ushered the cool wind carrying wet drops
Falling on to the embrace on the horizon,
Of the sky , the sea and the orange sun

Clouds cluttered and gathered might,
slithering on to the vast skies
brimming with winds and the rains
Then lifted the heart ,on to a shimmering , loving , long night


  1. loved the poem lady..u r a born poet.

    so u seemd to have one heck of a passion filled night!!!

  2. hey....there's something nice/simple/ charming about the way u's like pouring right from the heart....and that's the most pure language and the most enjoyable one to keep writing and blogging.....:)


  3. Dear shn,

    Thanks a lot for your encouraging words... it means a lot. But let me tell u its nothing compared to your ultimate food blog..

    keep connecting