Thursday, December 17, 2009

Under the bottle brushed trees

Dripping wet till its willowy bend,
Rippling circles on sparkling surface
Rain came pouring down
I saw a happy leaf talking to a gurgling stream
I smelled the soothing fragrance of rain
falling on to yearning earth
the sound of birds chirping away
and the sight of wild flowers lay strewn
under the bottle brushed trees
amidst dark clouds and gleaming lightning
squirrels scurried over to the hole in the Banyan tree
And I lay curled on a soft rug
warmed by the ambers in the Victorian fire place,
looking through the French window,
at the wet wild flowers
strewn under the bottle brushed trees


  1. Thanks swaram

    Hi Smita, I do not know what happened to your comment, your first ever :(. Anyways thanks for the same and welcome here.

  2. i wish if it rained here too...
    but said i am,
    looking athe white blanket outside
    the trees nomore beaar leaves
    and my soul weeps to see some sunshine.

    loved ur poetic nature, really took me back to monsoon in bombay

  3. Hi Rush, Thanks!! But I am missing your poems... take care, Rekha

  4. this one makes me dream.. i want to read each and every of your post, will do it soon.