Friday, February 5, 2010


It is really commendable, the way King Khan has said sorry to all and sundry but to the Thackerays. I only wish he would not buckle under pressure, also I hope this would not turn out to be another publicity stunt. But then If Mr. Khan supported the Pakistani cricket players, does it mean he is not an Indian anymore, that he should be given ‘Desh Nikala’???

What is it that is making the Thackerays so angry, what are they trying to prove here? How are they going to ensure that Mumbai would be inhabited by only Marathi Manoos and no other Indian would dare to tread there, especially if they belong to Bihar or the North of India. May be now the whole Thackeray clan would go on a rampage seeking introduction of visa and passport if someone other than Marathi wants to visit ‘their’ Mumbai!!

If they are so vehemently against Pakistan, then why did they not ensure, as they are the high and mighty, that Kasab meets with capital punishment at the earliest. Are they waiting for a sorry from him also before they let loose their ire against him.

I think all of us will have to say sorry to our next generation one day, for having stood as meek spectators to such unreasonable and high handed behaviour of some petty politicians. These incidents in one way or the other sow seeds of regionalism in unsuspecting young minds.


  1. Cheap politics .. all they know is to find faults with ppl :(

  2. But what can we do other than be meek spectators?
    it is the learders who have to act and keep at bay people who will go to any measure to get some votes and to maintain their hold over a section of peopler...

  3. I agree. While I do not agree with everything that SRK says - in this case, I am delighted that he took teh stance that he did. I am so happy that he did not cow down in front of the bullying.

    Sad thing is that our politicians do everything for a political gain - not one of them cares beyond improving their vote tally. If Rahul Gandhi had been really bothered, should be not be promising to make Bihar such a wonderful place that people from all over India flock to it?

    And with all this tu tu main main , they all get political mileage while we the people get nothing :(

  4. Hi Swaram, That's exactly what it is. sad but true.

    Hi Sindhu, Over a period we, the common man, has been reduced to 'meek spectator' and nothing else. You are right that it is the leaders who are suppossed to act and when they themselves are busy pleasing the vote banks nothing can be done. By the way, welcome here.

    Hi smitha,
    Now we are hearing rumours that this was a part of the publicity stunt put up for 'My Name is Khan' and there was a deal between Udhav Thackeray and SRK!!! :(

  5. Anything to get noticed,that is the policy of these political fanatics. What better way to do that than to target one of the most well-known figures of our country.

    Its heartening to see SRK taking a strong stand in what he said and not falling under any kind of pressure. This is the kind of attitude we need in our country.

  6. Hi Deeps, You are right. But I just hope that the rumours about all these being a part of publicity for his latest film doesnt turn out to be true, it would only deter people like us from supporting and standing up for any celebrity any more :(

  7. "Now we are hearing rumours that this was a part of the publicity stunt put up for 'My Name is Khan' and there was a deal between Udhav Thackeray and SRK!!!"

    My goodness, really...if this news is true SRK's reputation is really going to suffer. I'm no gr8 fan of his but somehow dil nahi manta ke he is capable of it:-(

  8. A bunch of sick hypocrites they are... if they had been so caring about their dearest Mumbai, then Ksasab would have been rotting in hell by now... but no... kasab is all hail and heaty while the rest of the country men are suffering...

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