Monday, June 28, 2010

Its pretty odd !How time turns itself upside down, head over heels making one meet the same angst which one dusted off ones soul long back. But then this is why life is life and time is mysterious, it can make you laugh, cry, yearn , love and hate from the core.

While traveling through lanes of time there have been times like this when I wanted to stretch out far ahead and reach out for those years , may be , stored somewhere in the pages of future which will spill out feathers of white peace and flowers of yellow happiness all around.
Rushing out and running through this time phase I just want to erase out the unsoulful sands below my feet and find a way out from this existence, if I look harder I would find a small window opening on to the blank horizon .. may be !!!

Standing amidst a lush green paddy field under a bright blue sky I wish I could freeze in time forever.. forever….


  1. So difficult to put these thoughts down! U hv done it so well Rekha .. I think all of us cn relate to it!

  2. Hi Swaram, I just had to write this to get certain things out of my system, i tell you sometimes when there is no one to turn to or talk to a blog really helps, thanks for understanding..