Sunday, September 18, 2011


Once in a lifetime you become lucky enough to meet someone who changes your life forever, for the better. Our beloved Chairman man was such a person in my life, he might not have ever realized while he graced this earth with his benign presence the kind of influence he had on many people’s lives. He passed away on Wednesday, September 14th,2011, evening, leaving us all grief stricken. When a few years ago he directly interviewed me and I had the privilege to report to him for a year, what I learned from him was attention to details, to be proactive and to have answers to all his questions which were always direct and in turn he always demanded a precise, to the point and direct answer, which made me know my work better. Just a glance from him was sufficient to put even the mightiest person in place, his sharp mind and Engineers logic made him superior to all and sundry, his tall and broad frame overshadowed most of the average people. Inspite of being on medication for the last two decades, he fought so many battles with his health and won, it was his sheer determination and will power which always brought him back to all of us with renewed vigour and vitality. However, this time we did not have luck on our side and he bid goodbye to us after being in hospital for over a week and fighting it out every day, but towards the end he had realized that the time was up and he himself with his own will left for his heavenly abode.

I am using this private space of mine to say thank you to him for making me whatever little I am today, and making my life better in so many ways with the way he shaped up my career, I also seek forgiveness from his soul for anything I have ever done inadvertently that ever made him unhappy or upset.

Dear Sir, Rest In Peace

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