Friday, September 21, 2012


Warning : Looong rambling ahead

I would like to seiously dwell upon ‘EGO’, the culprit, the villain , the black sheep among all the state of mind a human being experiences and analyse it's effect on us, mostly in our daily life. This seems to be the main driving force behind many a feuds whether political, social, personal or professional.

For example what's with Mamata Banerjee walking out of UPA  and Sonia Gandhi refusing to acknowledge the dent her party has suffered due to it, what is riding high at both the sides??? yes, the answer is 'EGO'.

Why should ‘I’(the EGO)  come between all my happiness and well being, why can’t ‘I’ be happy being not considered first for everything every time? why is it that 'I' feel bad when things happen without keeping my aspirations and comforts in mind? when 'I' am not given the importance which ‘I’ feel ‘I’ deserve. Is it necessary that every time I talk to you , I should feel respected, valued  and welcomed and appreciated, even if I have done nothing to earn any of those , why should I feel bad if you do not approach me to resolve a conflict, or a quarrel, or if you do not come back and say sorry to me first before ‘I’ think of resuming talking with you again.

Also everytime I fight with you , I have an argument with you, why should I feel bad that everytime it’s me who comes to you and says sorry, does it make me less of a person and you more of a person??

At office when cc’s are forgotten to be marked or important informations are not marked to you, may be by mistake, why do you get all worked up? If some one junior to you walks past you and does not wish you , why do you feel bad and will hold a grudge against that person? Why do you always want that a person who has already sent an email to you on an important issue should request to you politely another 3 times before he finally gets an answer from you?

Well, EGO, what is with you ?? tell me can I keep you aside forever, or even most of the times and see the change that will happen, or it’s just not possible, because as someone full of you has "mildly" put it, “what is a man without his EGO”???

May be it is the effect of all the Paulo Coelho I had been reading !!!

Freud's diagram of the EGO and the ID..   PS: Dont ask me to explain it, my EGO will be hurt ;)


  1. We often grow up to be like that - all we want is a massage to our ego to feel happy thus falling in the traps of false illusions. Nice thought provoking article. The ending bought a smile on my face :-)

    1. Truly Arti, every one feels nice after a good ego massage ;), thanks for your comments and good luck with the melbourne contest !

  2. ego is something i've been wondering abt for a long time. to conquer it is to truly have a peaceful life.

  3. yes, this is in one such attemp that I ended up writing this :)

  4. Hi, First time here. This was a good read.

    Some people are so touchy, you have to tread so carefully coz their ego is scattered about them like egg shells. One wrong move and they r bruised!
    The way I look at it, it is the very petty mind that indulges ego.

  5. Hi Bins, Welcome here, you have put it so correctly 'one wrong move and they r bruised!" absolutely so!
    thanks for your encouraging comment