Monday, September 24, 2012

The Krishna Key (by Ashwin Sanghi ) – a book review

The best gift to give an avid reader is a good book and I was more than happy to have received a copy of the ‘Krishna Key’ by Ashwin Sanghi (writer of Rozabal Line and Chanaky’s Chant). The book caught my attention from the word go, it was an interesting read especially with Lord Krishna's  monologue before the start of each chapter, Krishna’s story in his own words is unraveled before us parallelly with the main plot. The maps and pictures also gives a different feel to the book.

The book reminds us many times of the unforgettable ‘Da vinci Code’ by Dan brown. The main protagonist Ravi Mohan Saini and others are part of a great story woven expertly to keep us engaged and engrossed till the end. The amount of research which has been done for this book is quite amazing, many revelations come as an eye opener to us, I have personally noted down many instances so that I can check back and do some research on my own about these, especially about the Dwarka City, the Mount Kailash’s measurements, the symantaka stone etc.

However , at some points it seems that if the book lands into the hands of fanatics or people who can not exercise much control on their religious sentiments then it may create a havoc on certain facts as mentioned in the book, it would be good for all the readers to go through the disclaimer before they start reading the book.

Over all on a score of 5 the book deserves a good 4 points for its gripping tale, even though the tale falters at some places and grip loosens at certain points but still the way the story has been built up and brought to the climax is quite commendable, though I do feel that the climax could have been more dramatic/ thrilling.

I would recommend this book to all of you who likes to read a good thriller.

A book worth reading !!! go for it …..

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  1. this sounds intriguing ss! will be waiting for more reviews here as am sure there are a whole host of books i will never hear of otherwise:-) i see you have gone from speaking from the soul to searching for it. works for me since ss will do in both cases:-)

  2. thanks lan, even I am looking forward to a lot of reading in the coming days... :)

  3. ss I found this in our library and read it. it was fun to read. thanks!