Sunday, December 30, 2012

Unforgettable year

The year turned around and gave a whack on our faces, opened our eyes, touched our souls and  brought around a revolution of sorts , I will not forget 2012 and I hope none of us will, especially our Parliamentarians, the custodians of law, the highest authorities of our Country and all the men out there.

The year is almost gone but it has given a dull pain in the heart, which refuses to die down, eyes well up everytime I think about the girl whom none of us knew by face or name

I have this urge, a strong one to leave Delhi and settle down south, back to the roots, but at the same time I have no idea whether this shall bring safety to me and my family

It feels as if a knife is drawn through my chest everytime I think about my daughters venturing out alone in the future

I just hope the coming year shall bring about changes in our Country , our systems

I hope , wish and pray men will respect women in our Country, especially in the Capital city of Delhi

I hope, wish and pray men will stop ogling at women in our Country, especially in the Capital city of Delhi

I hope, wish and pray men will stop groping women at crowded markets, DTC buses, private buses and other such public transports

I hope , wish and pray for a better, safe and peaceful Country for all , especially for little girls and women

I hope, wish and pray for a wonderful, safe, prosperous, peaceful and Happy New year for all

Welcome 2013, bring along change, bring along respect and safety , bring along happiness !!


  1. Amen! And happy 2013 to you and yours' too :)

  2. Hey Rekha, feeling good to have found you and your blog. I am the silent bloghopper type too. but your blogposts compel me to leave a comment.I am including you in my reading list.

    I hope you and family will have a great year ahead and wishes for all your dreams to come true.

  3. Hey Vincy, Welcome here and Thank you so much for the encouraging words, wishing you and your family too a very very happy, safe and peaceful New Year.
    take care