Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I know for sure....

A Slow , dull ache spreads all over
And seems to  effect only  for a moment
Then it quietly gets into my blood,
Leaving me glossy eyed,
Smothering me gently,
Caressing the life out of me
But not letting me die
Just letting me bleed, 
all I need is 
Just a drop of warmth from you,
A bear hug , 
how can you
Just not feel my pain?
Is it because you are numb
With  all the life’s hurricane?
I understand, I know,
But I am detached, may be forever, but
I will not end up like you
How much ever my genes want me to be
I would overcome the block
I would know, I would be warm
My arms and shoulder shall wrap
Into bear hugs , my palm , my fingers
Would wipe away all the aches
All the tears and I shall love till my death
I shall always know when loneliness
And ache shadows
I shall be the solace
That would be till life shall be…
I am trying my best and I shall be, for sure,
I shall not let the slow, dull ache
Spread any more,
 not seep into my blood any more, for sure,
I know for sure