Thursday, January 9, 2014


Blogathon 2014

Thanks Maya for initiating all of us on this Blog Marathon right at the beginning of the year, and sorry that I could not post till now as I was busy with something or the other.  So what else than ‘Procrastination’ as the topic of my post today.  There are many things in my life which I keep postponing and the list is endless I can start with Exercising , including fruits in my diet, drinking lots of water , you know I can go without water for hours together , I have to forcibly remember that I have to drink water J.

About procrastination in  blogging, It’s not about being out of ideas and topics but I still have that wee bit of feeling that I should post only certain types of posts on my blog, though when I started blogging 6 years back, I called this space as my virtual diary, I could never have the same feeling of privacy regarding this space.  I was always and am still afraid that what if I hurt someone, or am I being judgmental or what if someone is so about me and so on and so forth  Do you also have such feelings sometimes? 

Some days when I start writing I write even two to three posts at a stretch and then there is drought of posts.. that is how I had been faring all these years.  About penning down the most close to heart thoughts and feelings and emotions, it might take a while more, though I have got some wonderful friends through this blog and I am sure they will all still encourage me for what I shall write.  Also I have the option of making this a private blog, but somehow I am not very comfortable with the idea.

So in midst of all these options and thoughts sometimes I keep procrastinating my posts languishing in the draft folder and keep deferring to push that ‘publish’ button. Do you do that often or just write and publish immediately??


  1. Hey Rekha--It is your blog and you have the right to say whatever you wish, so go ahead and give a free medium to your thoughts.

  2. Thanks Seema, I am sure sooner or later I would start doing it. Thanks for the encouragement
    take care

  3. somehow i didn't see this before rekha. first, i hope you will not go private. second just post whenever you feel like it. this is the only way you will enjoy what you do. but it is good to follow some loose rules. maybe like once a month or once in two months so you will keep your own interest in it. here is to a productive year of posts:-)