Monday, August 4, 2014

Loss of words

I am at a loss of words, I do not know when or where I lost my will to write.

 All I can do nowadays is read, read and read a lot, when I am not reading I feel incomplete, when I read I am immersed in the lines and verses and the beautiful artistry and imagery of the writer, I imagine the pain, the hard work that must have gone into writing such enthralling and beautiful stories or did the writer do it effortlessly, the words just flew from her pen forming into beautiful words and sentences?? It can be either way, whatever way it is, I just love reading.

 I am longing to read more and at the same time I am dying to write, write lovely poetry with brilliant imagery, to write prose with gripping story and lively characters. Till then I shall revel in the brilliant  and heart warming stories written by such talented writers all around.

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