Monday, February 9, 2015


Soft green ripples

Shiny, shimmery  river

Circles upon circles

Glimmering little shells

On the sands brown and bare

Half moons merging into full luminous ones

Yellow leaves floating atop

Greens lingering along the shore

Long beaked boat sauntered about

Some hopes hung in the air

Waiting to dissipate at the drop of a tear

Longing to glimpse the reclusive smile,

so Yonder,

Yet so near……….


  1. Oh WOW.. thats a lovely poem.
    as usual intense on emotions. you must be like me very sensitive and emotional, just that your poems are so much more better than mine.
    I am hoping you get to see the glimpses you are longing for,

  2. Thanks Vincy , emotional and sensitive, yes, but usually hidden underneath... Ur comments are boosters for me.

  3. Hi Rekha, how are you. How's life. How are your daughter's doing. sorry i'm not in blogs nowadays. Are u in fb.

    can u mail me ur email id. Sorry i'm not in blogs nowadays. Take care dear.