Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review - 'Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams'by Shubha Vilas.

I had signed up for the book review programme of blogadda many years back, but till now had got the opportunity to review only one book, so I was pretty excited when I recieved a mail from them for reviewing the book  'Ramayana - The Game of Life : The Shattered Dreams'by Shubha Vilas. So after their email started the waiting... I was over the moon to see a thick book with interesting cover.  I had also  learned by then that this book  is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana - The Game of Life.  I had also read about the author and his profile as a motivational and spiritual speaker which kept me interested in this book.
Finally the book arrived and here I am writing it's review ...................

In this book  Shubha Vilas dwells on the story line of Ramayana and brings to the fore front how various incidents one after another, which were well orchestrated by Kaikeyi (Dasarathas’s most beloved queen) who in turn was instigated by her venomous and scheming dasi ‘Manthara’ to wipe off Rama so that Kaikeyi's son Bharat rules Ayodhya.   The beauty of the book lies in the fact that the author has gone to the depth of each instance in Lord Rama’s life and has tried to capture the essence / teachings which one can imbibe from these incidents.  The book can be seen as a Guru who is trying to teach the lessons that one need to learn from Ramayana, especially through the life of Rama.  This book tries to capture the very essence of various human emotions, various relationships and how these dynamics breaks or makes the characters of the entire epic drama.
 This book  has to be read with a kind of seriousness, it is not a light read by any chance, it is a sincere attempt by the author to shed light on the characters and thus benefit the reader by the detailed analysis and conclusions on the drama that unfolds.
To conclude we can very well say that this book  is about Lord Rama’s unflinching loyalty towards his duty as a son, it is also about the tremendous courage shown by Sita Devi in the midst of a deep crisis, it is about the emotional turbulence which Dasaratha feels as a father and then how he ultimately crumbles and succumbs to the heavy blow of fate.

This book may not be having a new story or a new plot but it is definitely about the author  trying to make us understand one of  the greatest epic of India in detail and with lot of sincerity and passion.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Marigold days !!!

I was always interested in gardening, I love nature, the small little intricacies of nature makes me happy.  The sight of a butterfly circling the beautiful flowers in a park, the fragrance of freshly cut grass makes me nostalgic.  Given this love of nature I had always wanted  a little kitchen garden of my own and has imagined myself  tending to my fresh vegetables, plucking them and making myself proud by cooking garden fresh vegetables for my family, also I always wanted  a section of my garden having fragrant and colourful flowers, happy and smiling. But due to space constraints I was never able to turn this into a reality, then me and my husband thought why wait for the backyard garden, let us make it in the flower pots, let us arrange a few of these plant at the corner of our balcony which has good space.

So the pots were bought and arranged, we experimented with a few Tulsi plants which disappointed us at first but then it bloomed, we planted  a curry leave plant (like every south Indian house hold J) but all this was done by my husband, I had not planted anything till date and was itching to do my bit of gardening. 

One day I took out the marigold flowers from the marigold garland which we had bought for some pooja occasion, the flowers were given a rough shredding by the hand and I put it in the pot and were watered diligently,  I did not even have any idea if this was the correct way to plant marigold, but voila! After a few days I saw little green shoots in the flower pot.  Every day I looked at them, waited for them to grow, then further waited for them to bloom, I was ecstatic to see the buds, there were so many buds, every day  (after  office ) reaching home in the evening  the first thing I did was looking at my marigold plant… finally my wait was over and two of my marigold flowers bloomed yesterday, they are beauties isn’t it?  I am so proud of them, they are my first fruits …er… sorry flowers of labour.. there are another 10 beautiful buds waiting to bloom as well.....

Now I am waiting for my tomato plants, which are really tiny now, to bloom and then I shall be harvesting  my first fruits of labour as well….. ;)

Here are my beauties - sorry for the pic quality.. they are brighter and much more beautiful than that.....