Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Marigold days !!!

I was always interested in gardening, I love nature, the small little intricacies of nature makes me happy.  The sight of a butterfly circling the beautiful flowers in a park, the fragrance of freshly cut grass makes me nostalgic.  Given this love of nature I had always wanted  a little kitchen garden of my own and has imagined myself  tending to my fresh vegetables, plucking them and making myself proud by cooking garden fresh vegetables for my family, also I always wanted  a section of my garden having fragrant and colourful flowers, happy and smiling. But due to space constraints I was never able to turn this into a reality, then me and my husband thought why wait for the backyard garden, let us make it in the flower pots, let us arrange a few of these plant at the corner of our balcony which has good space.

So the pots were bought and arranged, we experimented with a few Tulsi plants which disappointed us at first but then it bloomed, we planted  a curry leave plant (like every south Indian house hold J) but all this was done by my husband, I had not planted anything till date and was itching to do my bit of gardening. 

One day I took out the marigold flowers from the marigold garland which we had bought for some pooja occasion, the flowers were given a rough shredding by the hand and I put it in the pot and were watered diligently,  I did not even have any idea if this was the correct way to plant marigold, but voila! After a few days I saw little green shoots in the flower pot.  Every day I looked at them, waited for them to grow, then further waited for them to bloom, I was ecstatic to see the buds, there were so many buds, every day  (after  office ) reaching home in the evening  the first thing I did was looking at my marigold plant… finally my wait was over and two of my marigold flowers bloomed yesterday, they are beauties isn’t it?  I am so proud of them, they are my first fruits …er… sorry flowers of labour.. there are another 10 beautiful buds waiting to bloom as well.....

Now I am waiting for my tomato plants, which are really tiny now, to bloom and then I shall be harvesting  my first fruits of labour as well….. ;)

Here are my beauties - sorry for the pic quality.. they are brighter and much more beautiful than that.....



  1. Oh WoW Rekha, this is an accomplishment. Being a plant lover myself i know how it feels to see the first bud bloom. :-) :-) :-) May you have more moments in glee with nature and yes you do you have a green thumb. Do post pictures after all the 10 buds bloom. Congratulations !!!

  2. Hey Thanks Vincy... it feels so good... I shall definitely post pics again and I really hope this 'green thumb' thing is real because so far it seems so... so happy.....