Monday, June 27, 2016

Underneath the gulmohur tree ( blog marathon post no. 2 - poem)

Underneath the Gulmohur Tree
picture courtesy : raxacollective blog

Flowers that bloomed scattered scarlet on the ground,

Falling on to yellowish brown leaves with murmuring sound

Spiraling poison ivy hugged the bare brown trunk

Branches heavy with blooming flowers  seemed to sunk,

On to the adjacent willowy branch about to bloom,

Wiping out from her buds the traces of gloom

Sitting underneath the gulmohur tree,

My heart galloped in glee

Taking a pause to breath in the fragrance of rain on earth,

All I could think of was the warmth of my hearth 

The heart longed to embrace life forever,

Not letting go of it ever

To stop the Clock ticking away,

To arrest the glow fading away,

To keep walking on the winding pathway,

Or to lie under the gulmohur tree even after the sun sets far away…… 


  1. Well worded, soft on the mind and soul, and makes me want to go under the gulmohar tree too. :-) :-)

    1. thanks a lot Vincy.. Gulmohur tree always attracts me..

  2. we had a gulmohar at the gate leading to my childhood home. i love that tree with its vibrant flowers and live green branches. thanks for bringing it all back with your warm poem ss.

  3. I am glad you liked it and it helped bring back some good memories, thanks for the comment lan...
    take care