Monday, October 31, 2016

Ready steady Go...... Nablopomo 2016

Let me start off this ‘nablopomo’ with a Thank you note to Swar who started it all off with an FB post.


 Like so many bloggers out there even I was looking for an excuse to write… I would like to write everyday but then someone needs to push me or I need to have a typical goal to achieve and that is exactly what Swar did. 


 The things that a blog marathon does to a blogger is unbelievable, it starts giving you an eye for a post in everything. You start lurking in a corner during conversations with your colleagues or your family.. you start looking for a topic in even something as mundane as your daily cup of coffee, also someone like me who usually sleeps through my 2 hour morning journey to office remains wide awake looking at the scenes on the road while our office bus zooms past…. lest I miss some very important topic to be converted into a post from the morning scenes and hustle and bustle on the roads…


 So apart from the funny things this blog marathon does to you... eventually it gets on to you and grows on you, making you sort of addicted to it.  You start looking forward to the moment when you actually zero in on a topic then start writing and then when you finally hit the publish button .. it gives a high and a sense of achievement.


 Then comes the part when it gets over... suddenly you are filled with an emptiness and you start feeling lost !! :)  I can etch out these feeling here so clearly because I just concluded a blog marathon in August which I started on my own to challenge myself into writing and I was so happy when I actually completed 30 posts. 


 There were days when I missed writing a post  but then I compensated the next day by writing  2 posts !!


 Yeah! This is really a madness but a creative one and I am glad I joined it…