Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Some days are dark and dowdy, some days are all spring and sun.  Of late, I feel there is something inside me, which is immensely eager to break free, break free into lines, paragraphs, pages, and chapters, metamorphosing into a wonderful, soul touching piece of literature. 

 Am I out of my mind, or is it the age catching up with me and showing me mirages. No idea.   I am quite cosy and smug about this at one point of time and some other time I am a bundle of nerves, not knowing what is it that is going on inside me?

Whatever it is, so long it inspires me to come back to my blog and write I am fine with it.
May be this ‘something’ inside me will never materialize, may be it will but I just hope this will, will me to write and write and write.. 

Till then dear friends and dear me… take care and stay blessed