Monday, July 20, 2009

invisible wound

The void has been deepening and widening and silence getting resonant. The abrasion is deepening taking the form of a wound. The lullabies and the study time, the hoards of secrets , unending heart to heart talk and the strong and supporting hand , everything has turned into the fading pale pages of past. Even relationships saturate and younger ones replace you in the family ! this never crossed the mind, such thoughts never occurred, was never prepared. The cocoon of warmth , the comfort of an advise , a shoulder to cry on.. has all of this been taken away .. slowly but surely.. yes. It is really difficult learning the lessons of life… but here also you are my teacher.. making me understand in your own unique way.. that I do not matter…not any more !!


  1. why do u say so? this post leaves me thinking, wondering what happened?

  2. hey why do I sense so much sadness and agony in those words? Is everything ok,Rekha?

    (((HUGS))) :))

  3. ay rekhakutty! wat happened? u dont lose any thing ever when u have so much of love from all thopse who care for u. u dont lose any thing when u have so much to give!on one side u have outgrown lullabies but on the other side there are two loving ones who love to hear ur lullabies!!wat if the younger ones make u feel older? u have so much accumulated love which u had received in abundance that u can pas that on profusely!!!!!!!!the cocoon of love is still warm and surrounding u, the shoulders that were always available wud still be thereand if u really need there cannot be any shortage of advises. but my dear y dont u realise that u yoorself have a coccon in you to give warmth to otheresand ur shoulder is needed by many who care to have ur love and advises!! love u always
    lots of hugs to the sweet loving girl in you!!!and for those who love u always u matter and will always matter. cheer up young lady!!!