Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I was walking barefoot along the river,
Pebbles criss crossed my path.
The river was a colour of light milky tea,
The grass on the river bank was damp.
I sat on the damp grass looking at a lone boat,
Silhouetted against the moonlight
It stirred in me the desire to slowly drown myself,
Into the cold caressing water,
the depth of the river sent ripples of fear in me.
I slowly stood up and smelled the lilies blooming near
Clutching on to myself I walked back,
To the wooden desk with a candle lit,
My hands intertwined, moonlight crept in and
I prayed
For letting me feel the pebbles under my feet,
For the damp grass and the moonlight,
For the cold and inviting water,
For four little hands and a strong shoulder
For my whole life and for whom I strive
I prayed
With teary eyes full of faith and gratitude


  1. Aww thatz wonderfully expressed Rekha! Hw we forget to thank the Lord :(

  2. great expression Rekha...loved it, i felt as thou i was on the riverbanks. The way u ended with a feeling of gratitude..i agree with Swaram..we often take things and our lives for granted, and forget the master architect.

  3. loved the new template...feels so fresh!!

  4. Swaram, thanks :)

    Rush Thanks a ton.. for your encouraging words both for the poem and the template .

    Hi sunshie, welcome here and thanks.

  5. Rekha,beautiful will be an understatement.Its outstanding!
    I'm with Swaram here.Sometimes we forget to thank God for our blessed life.

  6. Hi Deeps, Thanks so much. you know your words are always important for me. take care.

  7. Thanks solilo and I think that's your first ever comment for me.. and a beautiful one at that.. thanks.