Wednesday, January 13, 2010

for my darling baby

8 years ago , on this very day
on a chilly winter morning
My lap was adorned with a frail little baby
My darling daughter
My first born who called me ‘mamma’
Me the mamma was born the same day
She is still the same sweet, stubborn and
innocent little girl
I wish her all the joys in the world
I wish her all the strength and endurance and smartness
to face this world successfully
I wish her the best of the world
I am thankful to God for having given me
A smiling, innocent and loving daughter
May be I don’t express my love often enough
May be I am a bit too strict
One day she would read these lines
And would know how much I loved you
My darling daughter
Happy birthday dear once again, May God bless you
with his choicest blessings today and always

From Mamma


  1. Thatz so so sweet and she will def. love it :) Its full of genuine warmth and affection :)

    A very happy birthday to Jr and to u too Mamma :) God bless u all :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your little one! May she have a lovely day and the best year ahead :)

  3. Wishing your daughter a very very happy birthday, lovely words that you have penned!

  4. Hi swaram, thanks a ton for all the wishes.
    Hi Smitha, thanks dear.
    Hi Krishnapriya, thanks so much.


  5. mamma really spoke her heart out..i wish ur baby the best birthday so far and as years pass, i hope time weaves in the best of everything for her. and to u too mamma, ur 8th year of being a great parent.i hope one day when the little one grows up, this blog is still alive and she is able to see it from the 8 year old mammas point of view.

  6. Hi Rush, Thanks , your comment really touched me. By the way my posts are incomplete without your comments, I just hope one day you would be coming back to the blogger scene, I truly truyl wish. take care, Rekha.

  7. Late as usual! I'm cursing this blog break of mine...really!
    Rekha,you choked me with those words. Like Rush said,heres hoping the little one reads this beautiful post and knows how blessed she is to have a mother like you.

    Happy Birthday,sundarikutty :). May God bless you always :)

  8. Hi Deeps, Welcome here, and yes missed you :(. take care, Rekha.

  9. I so wish u post regularly Rekha :)

  10. What a sweet poem!! I've been reading it again & again ever since you posted this.

    I just read your comments on my blog. Even your comments are written so thoughtfully & so beautifully. I am so touched. When I started blogging, I never thought that I would connect with another mother like this, a mother I haven't even met. I am so glad that I found a person like you!


  11. Rekha,

    Now I remember! It was your blog about "Disorderly pulse" that got me hooked to your blog. It was like somebody was reflecting my thoughts!

    Keep the posts coming!


  12. after long i just decided to bloghop and here i am treated to a beautiful, poem full of genuine motherly affection. though belated, here is wishing happy long life to the sweet daughter of a very sweet mom( who happens to be my darling child too). loved the lines of pure love rekha1 as always u have expressed urself brilliantly. love u

  13. Dear Teacher, Every line you drop here is of immense importance to me. I am lucky to have your blessings. Thank you and love you today and always.
    Take care, Rekha

  14. I just loved this ! Very sweet...

  15. Hi Fathima, Thanks and welcome here .

  16. beautiful, ur daughter is going to love it..