Monday, June 28, 2010

Amme Narayana

In the darkness of the dawn
The diety stood beautiful
Tears rolled down on to old rough cheeks
Some Shiney kohl eyes were red rimmed

The strength of prayer
The majestic aura of her idol
Filled energy onto the drained mind
Sowing seeds of hope
On to tired barren hearts

The aroma of jasmine
the fragrance of camphor and incense
The soft soothing rays of rising sun
The devotees reveled in the divinity,
the serenity and the purity
of her shimmering face and divine eyes


  1. Oh Rekha, I'm spellbound by your poetry. The description reminded me of Ambalams of Kerala.

    I feel much at peace and calm in a temple when it is not too crowded, I feel much closer to God then.

  2. Hi Deeps, Thanks for your comments, this vacation I was on a mini pligrimage visiting many temples in Kerala and these are the thoughts which crossed my mind when we had gone for 'nirmalyam thozhal' at Chottanikkara.
    Your comments are close to my heart always.

    Swaram, Thank u so much , your comments are always so inspiring. thanks.

  3. Rekha! So good to hear from you after such a looooooong time! How are you doing my dear?

    Waiting for your email too.


  4. Hi Nilu, Really I had nothing to write all this while and when I sat to write it was a rush of varied emotions. I have to write a long email to you and I am gonna do that verrry soon.

  5. Beautiful!
    Reminded me of the Chottanikara temple in Kerala.

    Thanks for dropping in :)

  6. Hey Preeti, Thanks a ton for the visit and the comments.

  7. Hi SS... i am so touched by your words and thank you for the beautiful words at my blog.

    God always leads us to the right things , sometimes we fail to see right but a time comes when things are clear within our heart and we start seeing through God's ways.......i know in my heart that as a mother you have always been very very good to your kids , only sometimes you could not cope up the pressures .......that you have been good to them is the reason you could feel like this today . Please don't feel guilty and give them a tight hug . And world's tightest hug to both the kids from sangeeta aunty too...:)

    You write such great poetry , i was spell bound to read the words .......keep up . I'll be in touch.

  8. Dear Sageeta, Thanks a ton for such soothing words. Though nobody changes overnight, but after my chance visit to your blog yesterday, I am trying hard to change and be a better mother. I'd always be indebted to you for this. And in a way I think it is Mithis way of showing the world and parents like me around to value their children and the bond with them. Thank you for your kind words for my poems as well. I have duly passed on your hugs to my children. Take care sangeeta, i am thankful to the blog world for having met you.

    warm regards

  9. Lovely. I am missing it all now. Me, who could never be six months without rushing off to am I going to bear it here??

  10. Hi Krishnapriya, Welcom here and thanks for your kind words.

  11. this is really lovely and touching. It reminds me of durga puja, the durga idol.