Thursday, September 16, 2010

just once again

Was it you who brought along the change,
to Grow overnight ,clutching on to a dream,
Vast reams of mute emotions spread around,
Nothing was there to lean on to
Two hearts intertwined
one bled and the other silent

The cold steel cut through
Making a scar for life
The thought of you wells up in eyes,
could only feel you
Never knew you but when you left
heart shattered and changed forever

Was it you who paved way for the change
To cringe at the thought of it now
To feel guilty all life
To yearn for you still and feel pain

the soul walks back into time
Shakes up the whole being
Stares blankly at the tears
Showing ,there are precious little things
Strewn around the sands of time
which can not be brought back
From past, from guilt and from life ever

Yes it is you who made me change
I promise I will take you
May be not in this life
I’d take a next life just for you ,
And Endure and wait once again,
Shall Love and cherish with warmth,
For you to come back
once again.. just once again


  1. Beautiful and poignant! Good to have you writing again, Rekhu :))

  2. Dear swaram and Deeps,
    Thanks da.

    Devasena, Thanks and yest it is sad, very sad !!

  3. Rekha, came here after a long time and read some of your touching and emotions...oh we share them at the same level...and that post on women, tiger ...loved it all...keep writing ...

  4. Hi,

    BEautifully written...


  5. Very sad emotions and i felt like it is written for my own emotions....beautifully written.
    You have a way with words Rekha ...

  6. Dear Shn and Sangeeta, Thanks for the the comments.

  7. Dear Dr. Sameena, Welcome here and your blogs are wonderful and so helpful..