Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a leaf from the past

Long ago in a faraway place
Loneliness crowded around
It stifled on the two stairs
It teased the jasmine flowers
And it cornered and huddled
Around a tall coconut tree
Bearing orange coconuts
Tender and attractive
Hot wind blew below it
And the sleepy afternoon bled green
The pineapple bushes swayed
Light tender parrot green
Spread on to the paddy field
Across the paddy field
Lay the railway line
Bringing along a goods train
Sometimes coughing sometimes running
And the odd passenger train
Brought along a bounty of colours
Brown of the train, colours of the clothes
Of the strangers who waved from afar
Happy and sad , may be at a reunion
Or a separation
Bringing along a tinge of excitement
And a flurry of hands waving
Stopping midway of planting saplings
Or mending the field
As dusk falls, lanterns glow a burnt yellow
Lamps adorn the front yard
Bells of cycles fade away
Croaking of frogs building into a crescendo
Pitch darkens envelopes the well and the surroundings
A lone tortoise slowly drags itself
With the pain of a candle lit on its shell
By some cruel naughty boys
Sound of chants and prayers of the evening prayer fills the air
Driving the loneliness across the paddy field
Along the railway line
On to some unknown destination
Only to return the next sleepy afternoon


  1. Brilliant imagery.

    Liked this one the best

    And the sleepy afternoon bled green

    keep it goin;)

  2. such vivid images! loved it.

  3. Amit, welcome here! and thanks.

    Ian, thanks a ton !!