Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ruskin Bond

Just finished reading a collection of short stories of Ruskin Bond. He is such a natural and perfect writer, he takes you along on his trips through the hills, amidst the oak trees and deodar trees which he seems to love so much. The rains in the hills and the blue zig zag lightnings, the pine trees, the small ponds and the slippery roads after a good rain gives such a pretty picture of nature in its full glory for people like us who are always thirsty for greenery as we are living our lives in midst of concrete jungles.

How I wish I could lay hands on every single piece of literature written by him, just enjoy the books leisurely, imagining each scene described by him , understanding the simple, rustic characters in the book .

I have given the collection of short stories to my daughter to read, I hope she would enjoy it equally..


  1. Long time since you were here! Great that you're back to blogging again.

  2. So with u on Bond adn his writing :)
    Hope daughter likes it too :)